Maps tell a story, see what you're missing

We love maps, and we think they should be easy to make - that's why we made BatchGeo. It's the fastest way to create Google Maps from your data. It accepts addresses, intersections, cities, states, and postal codes. We do the hard work of figuring out where all your data lives in the real world.

"It's a fast way to make it look like you did a whole bunch of work, and that's never a bad thing." - Lifehacker

How fast and simple is BatchGeo? Its as easy as:

  1. Copy your data in a spreadsheet program or table (ctrl+c)
  2. Paste your data into BatchGeo Step 1 (ctrl+v)
  3. Click "Map Now"
  4. You're done!

You can paste in data from other sources such as web pages too, see the example in this video:

BatchGeo is a fun and easy way to create maps, but its also much more than just maps. Navigate the menu on the left to find out about all of the hidden features in BatchGeo.