Public ATV park?

Jason Nark's ideas on where the city could build a public ATV park.

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Delaware Avenue and Richmond Street
philadelphia, PA
Number: 1
Why here: The Port Richmond Rail Yards: According to the Real Estate Solutions Group, the 142-acre parcel on the Delaware River on Richmond Street could fill demand for new industrial space in Philly. It would be ideal for a park, though developers likely have grander plans in mind.
Wyoming Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard
philadelphia, PA
Number: 2
Why here: The Logan Triangle: Numerous residents who read the Daily News series on ATVs suggested the 35-acre Logan Triangle as a possible site for a small park. most of the homes there have been demolished due to structural problems from an underground creekbed. ATVs were made for creekbeds.
Fairmount Park
philadelphia, PA
Number: 3
Why here: Fairmount Park: The park is a Philadelphia treasure, and it’s already heavily used by illegal ATVs and dirt bikes. Dedicating park land to off-road use is probably never going to happen, but it’s worth debating what open space is intended for.
10175 Northeast Ave.
philadelphia, PA
Number: 4
Why here: According to, this 15-acre parcel of industrial land is selling for $3 million.
Enterprise Avenue and Fort Mifflin Road
philadelphia, PA
Number: 5
Why here: Fort Mifflin/Enterprise Avenue: Do a Google search for “Philadelphia Airport ATV” and you’ll see the land and trails here have been used by riders for years. Riders say police patrol nearby and don’t bother them. Why not make it legit?
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