SASSA Offices

These are the SASSA offices around South Africa

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AliceEC Alice Eastern Cape 128KB
Barkley EastEC Barkley East Eastern Cape 128KB
BethelsdorpEC Bethelsdorp Eastern Cape
BizanaEC Bizana Eastern Cape 256KB
ButterworthEC Butterworth Eastern Cape 128KB
CacaduEC Cacadu Eastern Cape
CarthcartEC Carthcart Eastern Cape 128KB
CentaneEC Centane Eastern Cape 256KB
CofimvabaEC Cofimvaba Eastern Cape 256KB
CradockEC Cradock Eastern Cape 128KB
DimbazaEC Dimbaza Eastern Cape 128KB
AmatholeEC Amathole Eastern Cape
EC Regional OfficeEC EC Regional Office Eastern Cape 2 X 2MB
FlagstaffEC Flagstaff Eastern Cape
For BeaufortEC For Beaufort Eastern Cape 128KB
Cacadu DistrictEC Cacadu District Eastern Cape
Graaf RenietEC Graaf Reniet Eastern Cape 640KB
GrahamstownEC Grahamstown Eastern Cape 128KB
HofmeyerEC Hofmeyer Eastern Cape
HumansdorpEC Humansdorp Eastern Cape 256KB
DutywaEC Dutywa Eastern Cape
IndweEC Indwe Eastern Cape 128KB
JefferesbayEC Jefferesbay Eastern Cape 512KB
JoubertinaEC Joubertina Eastern Cape 256KB
KeiskammahoekEC Keiskammahoek Eastern Cape 128KB
King WilliamsEC King Williams Eastern Cape 128KB
KirkwoodEC Kirkwood Eastern Cape 128KB
Lady FrereEC Lady Frere Eastern Cape 128KB
LibodeEC Libode Eastern Cape 128KB
Lusikisiki Area & ServiceEC Lusikisiki Area AND Service Eastern Cape
MaclearEC Maclear Eastern Cape 128KB
Matatiele Local & ServiceEC Matatiele Local AND Service Eastern Cape 256KB
Mdantsane1 ServiceEC Mdantsane1 Service Eastern Cape 128KB
MiddleburgEC Middleburg Eastern Cape 128KB
MiddledriftEC Middledrift Eastern Cape 256KB
MotherwellEC Motherwell Eastern Cape
My AtyliffEC My Atyliff Eastern Cape
Mqanduli ServiceEC Mqanduli Service Eastern Cape 128KB
Mt FletcherEC Mt Fletcher Eastern Cape
MthathaEC Mthatha Eastern Cape
Ngqeleni ServiceEC Ngqeleni Service Eastern Cape 128KB
Ngqamakhwe ServiceEC Ngqamakhwe Service Eastern Cape 256KB
Spring Groove/Tendergate ServEC Spring GrooveTendergate Serv Eastern Cape
PeartstonEC Peartston Eastern Cape
PeddieEC Peddie Eastern Cape 128KB
Port AlfredEC Port Alfred Eastern Cape 128KB
Nelson Mandela MetroEC Nelson Mandela Metro Eastern Cape
Port St JohnsEC Port St Johns Eastern Cape
QumbuEC Qumbu Eastern Cape 128KB
Somerset EastEC Somerset East Eastern Cape 128KB
SterkspruitEC Sterkspruit Eastern Cape 256KB
SterkstroonEC Sterkstroon Eastern Cape 128KB
SteynsburgEC Steynsburg Eastern Cape 128KB
TarkastadEC Tarkastad Eastern Cape 128KB
TsoloEC Tsolo Eastern Cape 128KB
TsomoEC Tsomo Eastern Cape 128KB
UitenhageEC Uitenhage Eastern Cape 256KB
OR ThamboEC OR Thambo Eastern Cape
WhittleseaEC Whittlesea Eastern Cape 128KB
WillomoreEC Willomore Eastern Cape 128KB
WillowvaleEC Willowvale Eastern Cape 128KB
ZwelitshaEC Zwelitsha Eastern Cape 128KB
BethlehemFS Bethlehem Free State 640KB
Warehouse DOFS Warehouse DO Free State 512KB
BotshabeloFS Botshabelo Free State 512KB
FicksburgFS Ficksburg Free State 512KB
Xhariep DOFS Xhariep DO Free State 512KB
HarrismithFS Harrismith Free State 512KB
JagersfonteinFS Jagersfontein Free State 512KB
KroonstadFS Kroonstad Free State 512KB
Lady BrandFS Lady Brand Free State 512KB
Thabo Mofutsanyane DOFS Thabo Mofutsanyane DO Free State 640KB
Sasolburg (Fezile Dabi)FS Sasolburg (Fezile Dabi) Free State 512KB
SenekalFS Senekal Free State 1024KB
ThabaNchuFS ThabaNchu Free State 512KB
Thusanong ( Welkom)FS Thusanong ( Welkom) Free State 640KB
TrompsburgFS Trompsburg Free State 512KB
Lejweleputswa (Welkom)FS Lejweleputswa (Welkom) Free State 512KB
ZastronFS Zastron Free State 256KB
BekkersdalGP Bekkersdal Gauteng 128KB
BenoniGP Benoni Gauteng 256KB
EkurhuleniGP Ekurhuleni Gauteng 1024KB
BronkhorstspruitGP Bronkhorstspruit Gauteng 128KB
CarltonvilleGP Carltonville Gauteng 128KB
ChiewelaGP Chiewela Gauteng 128KB
DiepslootGP Diepsloot Gauteng 128KB
DobsonvilleGP Dobsonville Gauteng 128KB
DuduzaGP Duduza Gauteng 128KB
EnnerdaleGP Ennerdale Gauteng 128KB
Ivory ParkGP Ivory Park Gauteng 128KB
JHB RegionalGP JHB Regional Gauteng 2 X 2MB
JHB LocalGP JHB Local Gauteng 512KB
KagisoGP Kagiso Gauteng 128KB
Kempton ParkGP Kempton Park Gauteng 256KB
KhutsongGP Khutsong Gauteng 128KB
Kwa-ThemaGP Kwa-Thema Gauteng 128KB
LenasiaGP Lenasia Gauteng 256KB
MamelodiGP Mamelodi Gauteng 128KB
MeyertonGP Meyerton Gauteng 128KB
NigelGP Nigel Gauteng 128KB
Orange FarmGP Orange Farm Gauteng 256KB
North Rand/Pta District OfficGP North RandPta District Offic Gauteng 1024KB
Pretoria LocalGP Pretoria Local Gauteng 256KB
RandfonteinGP Randfontein Gauteng 1024KB
Reiger ParkGP Reiger Park Gauteng 256KB
ResidentiaGP Residentia Gauteng 128KB
RoodepoortGP Roodepoort Gauteng 256KB
Sebokeng / MoshoeshoeGP Sebokeng Moshoeshoe Gauteng 128KB
ShoshanguveGP Shoshanguve Gauteng 256KB
Maponya LOGP Maponya LO Gauteng 128KB
SpringsGP Springs Gauteng 512KB
ThembisaGP Thembisa Gauteng 128KB
ThokozaGP Thokoza Gauteng 128KB
TsakaneGP Tsakane Gauteng 256KB
Vereeniging / KrugerGP Vereeniging Kruger Gauteng 256KB
Vosloorus - BoksburgGP Vosloorus - Boksburg Gauteng 128KB
ZonkezizweGP Zonkezizwe Gauteng 128KB
BabanangoKZN Babanango KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
BergvilleKZN Bergville KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
BhamshelaKZN Bhamshela KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
CamperdownKZN Camperdown KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
ChatsworthKZN Chatsworth KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
Chesterville OfficeKZN Chesterville Office KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
DanhauserKZN Danhauser KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
DukuzaKZN Dukuza KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
DundeeKZN Dundee KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
DundeeKZN Dundee KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
EthekwiniKZN Ethekwini KwaZulu-Natal 640KB
EkuvukeniKZN Ekuvukeni KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
KwaNgwanaseKZN KwaNgwanase KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
EscourtKZN Escourt KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
EshoweKZN Eshowe KwaZulu-Natal 512KB
EzakheniKZN Ezakheni KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
GlencoeKZN Glencoe KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
GreytownKZN Greytown KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
HardingKZN Harding KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
HlabisaKZN Hlabisa KwaZulu-Natal 384KB
HlangananiKZN Hlanganani KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
HlangananiKZN Hlanganani KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
HowickKZN Howick KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
ImpendleKZN Impendle KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
InandaKZN Inanda KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
IngwavumaKZN Ingwavuma KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
IxopoKZN Ixopo KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
IzingolweniKZN Izingolweni KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
KokstadKZN Kokstad KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
KranskopKZN Kranskop KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
KwaMashuKZN KwaMashu KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
LadysmithKZN Ladysmith KwaZulu-Natal 640KB
LouwsburgKZN Louwsburg KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
MadadeniKZN Madadeni KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
MahlabathiniKZN Mahlabathini KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
MaphumuloKZN Maphumulo KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
MatubatubaKZN Matubatuba KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
MbazwanaKZN Mbazwana KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
MelmothKZN Melmoth KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
MondloKZN Mondlo KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
Mooi RiverKZN Mooi River KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
MsingaKZN Msinga KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
NdwedweKZN Ndwedwe KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
New HanoverKZN New Hanover KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
New CastleKZN New Castle KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
NgwelezaneKZN Ngwelezane KwaZulu-Natal 384KB
NkandlaKZN Nkandla KwaZulu-Natal 246KB
NongomaKZN Nongoma KwaZulu-Natal 384KB
NquthuKZN Nquthu KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
OngoyeKZN Ongoye KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
OsizweniKZN Osizweni KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
PaulpietersburgKZN Paulpietersburg KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
PhoenixKZN Phoenix KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
PhungasheKZN Phungashe KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
PMBurg LoKZN PMBurg Lo KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
PMBurg ROKZN PMBurg RO KwaZulu-Natal 2 X 2MB
PinetownKZN Pinetown KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
PongolaKZN Pongola KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
Port ShepstoneKZN Port Shepstone KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
RaisethorpeKZN Raisethorpe KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
Richards BayKZN Richards Bay KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
RichmondKZN Richmond KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
RichmondKZN Richmond KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
StangerKZN Stanger KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
UbomboKZN Ubombo KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
UlundiKZN Ulundi KwaZulu-Natal 640KB
UmbumbuluKZN Umbumbulu KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
UmlaziKZN Umlazi KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
UmzimkhuluKZN Umzimkhulu KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
UmzintoKZN Umzinto KwaZulu-Natal 384KB
UnzintoKZN Unzinto KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
UmzumbeKZN Umzumbe KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
UtrechtKZN Utrecht KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
VerulamKZN Verulam KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
VryheidKZN Vryheid KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
VulamehloKZN Vulamehlo KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
VulindlelaKZN Vulindlela KwaZulu-Natal 128KB
WeneenKZN Weneen KwaZulu-Natal 256KB
DaantjieMPU Daantjie Mpumalanga
DelmasMPU Delmas Mpumalanga 256KB
EmakhazeniMPU Emakhazeni Mpumalanga
EmalahleniMPU Emalahleni Mpumalanga 256KB
Gert Sibande(Ermelo)MPU Gert Sibande(Ermelo) Mpumalanga 512KB
GraskopMPU Graskop Mpumalanga 256KB
KabokweniMPU Kabokweni Mpumalanga 256KB
Thaba ChweuMPU Thaba Chweu Mpumalanga 128KB
MatsulaMPU Matsula Mpumalanga 256KB
MayflowerMPU Mayflower Mpumalanga
MpuluziMPU Mpuluzi Mpumalanga 256KB
MbibaneMPU Mbibane Mpumalanga 256KB
Steve TshweteMPU Steve Tshwete Mpumalanga
MIS WarehouseMPU MIS Warehouse Mpumalanga
MbombelaMPU Mbombela Mpumalanga
Albert Luthuli ( EersterhoeMPU Albert Luthuli ( Eersterhoe Mpumalanga 256KB
EmkhondoMPU Emkhondo Mpumalanga 256KB
SchoemansdalMPU Schoemansdal Mpumalanga 256KB
SemeMPU Seme Mpumalanga 512KB
Lekwa (Standerton)MPU Lekwa (Standerton) Mpumalanga 128KB
ThembisileMPU Thembisile Mpumalanga
UmjindiMPU Umjindi Mpumalanga 256KB
VerenaMPU Verena Mpumalanga 256KB
BeaconsfieldNC Beaconsfield Northen Cape 128KB
BrandvlieNC Brandvlie Northen Cape 128KB
CarnavonNC Carnavon Northen Cape 128KB
ColesburgNC Colesburg Northen Cape 128KB
DanielskuilNC Danielskuil Northen Cape 128KB
Pixley Ka / De AarNC Pixley Ka De Aar Northen Cape 768KB
DebenNC Deben Northen Cape 128KB
DelportshoopNC Delportshoop Northen Cape 128KB
DouglasNC Douglas Northen Cape 128KB
FlorianvilleNC Florianville Northen Cape 128KB
GariesNC Garies Northen Cape 128KB
GriekwaStadNC GriekwaStad Northen Cape 128KB
GroblershoopNC Groblershoop Northen Cape 128KB
HartswaterNC Hartswater Northen Cape 128KB
HopeTownNC HopeTown Northen Cape 256KB
Jan KempdorpNC Jan Kempdorp Northen Cape 128KB
KakamasNC Kakamas Northen Cape 128KB
KeimoesNC Keimoes Northen Cape 128KB
KenhardtNC Kenhardt Northen Cape 128KB
KimberlyNC Kimberly Northen Cape 2 X 2MB
Kgalagadi (Kuruman)NC Kgalagadi (Kuruman) Northen Cape 512KB
MothibistadNC Mothibistad Northen Cape 128KB
PampierstadNC Pampierstad Northen Cape 128KB
PetrusvilleNC Petrusville Northen Cape 128KB
PhillipstownNC Phillipstown Northen Cape 128KB
PoffadderNC Poffadder Northen Cape 128KB
Port NollothNC Port Nolloth Northen Cape 128KB
PostmasburgNC Postmasburg Northen Cape 256KB
PrieskaNC Prieska Northen Cape 128KB
RoodepanNC Roodepan Northen Cape 128KB
SpringbokNC Springbok Northen Cape 768KB
Siyanda (Upington)NC Siyanda (Upington) Northen Cape 512KB
WarrentonNC Warrenton Northen Cape 128KB
WillistonNC Williston Northen Cape 128KB
Lekwa-TeemaneNW Lekwa-Teemane North West 128KB
MerafongNW Merafong North West
ItsosengNW Itsoseng North West 256KB
KgetlengNW Kgetleng North West 128KB
MadikweNW Madikwe North West 128KB
MafikengNW Mafikeng North West 2 X 2MB
MakapanstadtNW Makapanstadt North West 256KB
Maquassi HillsNW Maquassi Hills North West 128KB
Dr Kenneth Kaunda(MatlosaneNW Dr Kenneth Kaunda(Matlosane North West 1024KB
Ngaka Modiri MolemaNW Ngaka Modiri Molema North West 1024KB
MogwaseNW Mogwase North West 128KB
MolopoNW Molopo North West 256KB
MoreteleNW Moretele North West 256KB
MothistadNW Mothistad North West 128KB
NalediNW Naledi North West
RatlouNW Ratlou North West 256KB
Bojanala (Rustenburg)NW Bojanala (Rustenburg) North West
MamusaNW Mamusa North West 128KB
TaungNW Taung North West 128KB
TlokweNW Tlokwe North West
TshwaneNW Tshwane North West
VentersdorpNW Ventersdorp North West 128KB
BophirimaNW Bophirima North West 128KB
Ramotshere MoiloaNW Ramotshere Moiloa North West
ApelPOL Apel Limpopo 128KB
BakenburgPOL Bakenburg Limpopo 256KB
BloubergPOL Blouberg Limpopo 256KB
DzananiPOL Dzanani Limpopo 64KB
Ga-MarabaPOL Ga-Maraba Limpopo 256KB
Xihomba RombeniPOL Xihomba Rombeni Limpopo 128KB
HaMutshaPOL HaMutsha Limpopo 128KB
LeboengPOL Leboeng Limpopo 256KB
LebowakgomoPOL Lebowakgomo Limpopo 256KB
LeeufontenteinPOL Leeufontentein Limpopo 128KB
LeyeneyePOL Leyeneye Limpopo 128KB
LephalalePOL Lephalale Limpopo 256KB
Luckau (Elias Motswaeli)POL Luckau (Elias Motswaeli) Limpopo 256KB
LulekaniPOL Lulekani Limpopo 128KB
MafefePOL Mafefe Limpopo 256KB
MalamulelePOL Malamulele Limpopo 128KB
ManganengPOL Manganeng Limpopo 256KB
MaviljanPOL Maviljan Limpopo 128KB
WaterbergPOL Waterberg Limpopo 1024KB
ModjadjiskloofPOL Modjadjiskloof Limpopo 128KB
MokopanePOL Mokopane Limpopo 256KB
MookgopongPOL Mookgopong Limpopo 256KB
MusinaPOL Musina Limpopo 256KB
MutalePOL Mutale Limpopo 256KB
NeboPOL Nebo Limpopo 128KB
Ga-NkidikitlanePOL Ga-Nkidikitlane Limpopo 256KB
NkowankowaPOL Nkowankowa Limpopo 128KB
RitavePOL Ritave Limpopo 128KB
SekhukhumePOL Sekhukhume Limpopo 256KB
SekororoPOL Sekororo Limpopo 128KB
SeshegoPOL Seshego Limpopo 256KB
VhembePOL Vhembe Limpopo 1024KB
Thula MahashePOL Thula Mahashe Limpopo 256KB
ZebidelaPOL Zebidela Limpopo 64KB
AlthoneWC Althone Western Cape 512KB
AtlantisWC Atlantis Western Cape 512KB
Beaufort WestWC Beaufort West Western Cape 1024KB
BellvilleWC Bellville Western Cape 1024KB
CaledonWC Caledon Western Cape 512KB
Western CapeWC Western Cape Western Cape 2 X 2MB
Cape TownWC Cape Town Western Cape 512KB
CeresWC Ceres Western Cape 256KB
Eerste RivierWC Eerste Rivier Western Cape 512KB
GugulethuWC Gugulethu Western Cape 512KB
HeidelburgWC Heidelburg Gauteng 512KB
KhayelitshaWC Khayelitsha Western Cape 512KB
Mitchells PleinWC Mitchells Plein Western Cape 512KB
MIS WarehouseWC MIS Warehouse Western Cape 1024KB
OudshoornWC Oudshoorn Western Cape 512KB
PaarlWC Paarl Western Cape 512KB
PiketbergWC Piketberg Western Cape 128KB
VredenburgWC Vredenburg Western Cape 512KB
VredendalWC Vredendal Western Cape 512KB
WorcesterWC Worcester Western Cape 512KB
WynbergWC Wynberg Western Cape 512KB
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