Stoneham Police Calls, Feb. 12-15

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Motor vehicle in a snowbank.Lindenwood Road and West Street
Stoneham, MA
Date, Time: 2/12, 8:02am
Caller reports car in parking lot with broken glass.101 Montvale Ave.
Stoneham, MA
Date, Time: 2/13, 10:05am
Report of ATV operators not wearing helmets.4 Mauriello Dr.
Stoneham, MA
Date, Time: 2/13, 5:56pm
Child locked in motor vehicle.250 Main St.
Stoneham, MA
Date, Time: 2/14, 8:53am
George Travis, 39, of Stoneham, was arrested for allegedly violating an abuse prevention order.8 Mountain View Ave.
Stoneham, MA
Date, Time: 2/15, 12:48am
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