West restaurants

Restaurants on the west side of Columbus, compiled by Columbus Monthly.

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AA China5420 Westpointe Pl Columbus OH 43228http://www.facebook.com/pages/AA-China/121249264556459
Abner’s Casual Dining4051 Main St Hilliard OH 43026http://www.abnersrestaurant.com/
Ann & Tony’s211 E Main St West Jefferson OH 43162http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ann-Tonys-Restaurant/106856682726973
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar5561 Westchester Woods Blvd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.applebees.com/
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar1590 Georgesville Square Rd Columbus OH 43228http://www.applebees.com/
Asian Express3762 Fishinger Blvd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.facebook.com/AsianExpressMillRun
Beef O’Brady’s Family Sports Pub6340 Scioto-Darby Creek Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.beefobradys.com/default.aspx
Bob Evans Restaurant4331 W Broad St Columbus OH 43228http://bobevans.com/
Bob Evans Restaurant1660 Georgesville Square Dr Columbus OH 43228http://bobevans.com/
Bob Evans Restaurant1111 Hilliard-Rome Rd Columbus OH 43228http://bobevans.com/
Bob Evans Restaurant3910 Lyman Dr Hilliard OH 43026http://bobevans.com/
Bob Evans Restaurant5160 Tuttle Crossing Blvd Columbus OH 43017http://bobevans.com/
Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar1690 Georgesville Square Dr Columbus OH 43228http://www.buffalowildwings.com/
Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar1710 Hilliard-Rome Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.buffalowildwings.com/
Cheeseburger in Paradise4081 Trueman Blvd Hilliard OH 43016http://www.cheeseburgerinparadise.com/
Chef’s House5454 Roberts Rd Hilliard OH 43026
Chipotle1835 Hilliard-Rome Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.chipotle.com/en-US/Default.aspx?type=default
Chipotle3670 Fishinger Blvd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.chipotle.com/en-US/Default.aspx?type=default
Chipotle1528 Georgesville Rd Columbus OH 43228http://www.chipotle.com/en-US/Default.aspx?type=default
Cici’s Pizza5432 Westpoint Plaza Columbus OH 43228http://www.cicispizza.com/_template.php
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store1313 Old Hilliard-Rome Rd Columbus OH 43228http://www.crackerbarrel.com/
Culver’s Frozen Custard and Butterburgers1444 Rentra Dr Columbus OH 43228http://www.culvers.com/
Dave & Buster’s3665 Park Mill Run Dr Hilliard OH 43026http://www.daveandbusters.com/
Der Dutchman445 S Jefferson Ave Plain City OH 43064http://www.dhgroup.com/en/pc/pc-restaurant.php
Ding Ho120 Phillipi Rd. Columbus OH 43228http://www.dingho.net/
El Vaquero1780 Hilliard Rome Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.vaquerorestaurant.com/
Emelio’s574 Georgesville Rd Columbus OH 43228http://emelioscatering.com/
First Watch3800 Fishinger Blvd Columbus OH 43221http://www.firstwatch.com/
Florentine907 W Broad St Columbus OH 43222http://www.florentinerestaurant.com/
Frisch’s Restaurants Inc.1775 Hilliard-Rome Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.frischs.com/
George’s All-American Grille155 Georgesville Rd Columbus OH 43228
Golden China Express3636 Main St Hilliard OH 43026
HomeTown Buffet3727 Park Mill Run Hilliard OH 43026http://www.hometownbuffet.com/
HomeTown Buffet3670 Soldano Blvd Columbus OH 43228http://www.hometownbuffet.com/
Hooter’s5225 Nike Station Way Hilliard OH 43026http://www.hooters.com/home.aspx
Iacono’s5068 Cemetery Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.iaconos.com/
JP’s Barbecue2000 Norton Rd Columbus OH 43228http://www.jpsbbq.com/home.asp
Joey Chang’s3799 Ridge Mill Dr Hilliard OH 43026http://www.joeychangsrestaurant.com/
Las Margaritas4626 W Broad St Columbus OH 43228http://www.go2lasmarg.com/
Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon1620 Georgesville Square Dr Columbus OH 43228http://www.lonestarsteakhouse.com/files/home.aspx
Lotus Leaf1595 Georgesville Rd Columbus OH 43228http://www.lotusleafasiancuisine.com/
Louie’s Grill4453 Cemetery Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.louiesgrillfusionrestaurant.net/
Lucky’s Grille5387 Roberts Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.luckysgrille.com/
Mark Pi’s Feast of the Dragon3663 Soldano Blvd Columbus OH 43228http://www.markpi.com/markpi_dragon.htm
Max & Erma’s4279 Cemetery Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.maxandermas.com/
Milo’s Deli & Cafe980 W Broad St Columbus OH 43222http://www.milosdeli.com/
Minelli’s3858 Sullivant Ave Columbus OH 43228http://www.minellispizza.com/
Minelli’s1189 N Wilson Rd Columbus OH 43204http://www.minellispizza.com/
Movie Tavern3773 Ridge Mill Dr Hilliard OH 43026http://www.movietavern.com
No. 1 Gyro Shoppe3591 W Broad St Columbus OH 43228http://www.no1gyroshoppe.com
O’Charley’s1650 Georgesville Square Dr Columbus OH 43228http://www.ocharleys.com
Old Bag of Nails4065 Main St Hilliard OH 43026http://www.oldbagofnails.com
Old Trail Inn72 S Grener Rd Columbus OH 43228
The Olive Tree3185 Hamilton-Rome Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.olivetreecolumbus.net
Otie’s5344 Center St Hilliard OH 43026
Outback Steakhouse1735 Hilliard-Rome Rd Columbus OH 43026http://www.outback.com
Panera Bread3625 Fishinger Blvd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.panerabread.com/
Panera Bread1531 Hilliard-Rome Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.panerabread.com/
Panera Bread5043 Tuttle Crossing Blvd Columbus OH 43016http://www.panerabread.com/
Peacock West4182 W Broad St Columbus OH 43228
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery1451 Hilliard-Rome Rd Columbus OH 43228http://www.perkinsrestaurants.com/
Red Lobster1520 Georgesville Rd Columbus OH 43228http://www.redlobster.com/
Red Robin1865 Hilliard-Rome Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.redrobin.com/default.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
Rodger & Dar’s Plain City Pub155 W Main St Plain City OH 43064
Romano’s Macaroni Grill6115 Parkcenter Circle Columbus OH 43016http://www.macaronigrill.com/
Rooster’s4650 W Broad St Columbus OH 43228http://www.roosterswings.com
Ruby Tuesday1840 Hilliard-Rome Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.rubytuesday.com/
Scrambler Marie’s5291 Nike Station Way Hilliard OH 43026http://www.scramblermaries.com/
Spageddies3873 Park Mill Run Hilliard OH 43026http://www.qdi.com/spageddies/spageddies.htm
Starliner Diner5240 Cemetery Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://starlinerdiner.com/
Steak ’n Shake3635 Data Point Ct Columbus OH 43026http://www.steaknshake.com/
Steak ’n Shake1100 Evansway Ct Columbus OH 43228http://www.steaknshake.com/
Steak ’n Shake1700 Georgesville Square Dr Columbus OH 43228http://www.steaknshake.com/
Sunshine Wok5429 Roberts Rd Hilliard OH 43026http://sunshinewok.com/
Taj Palace3794 Fishinger Blvd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.tajpalacecolumbus.com/
Taqueria de Michoacana534 Norton Rd Columbus OH 43228
Tee Jaye’s Country Place4048 W Broad St Columbus OH 43228http://www.barnyardbuster.com/
Ten Pin Alley and Spike’s Patio5499 Constitution Blvd Hilliard OH 43026http://www.tenpinalleyandspikes.com/
Texas Roadhouse1770 Hilliard-Rome Rd Columbus OH 43026http://www.texasroadhouse.com/
Tommy’s Diner914 W Broad St Columbus OH 43222http://www.facebook.com/tommysdiner
Tres Potrillos964 Galloway Rd Galloway OH 43119http://www.trespotrillosmexicanrestaurant.com/
Uno Chicago Grill5930 Britton Pkwy Columbus OH 43026http://www.unos.com/
The Waffle House4595 W Broad St Columbus OH 43228http://www.wafflehouse.com/
The Waffle House2360 Westbelt Dr Columbus OH 43228http://www.wafflehouse.com/
The Waffle House900 N Wilson Rd Columbus OH 43204http://www.wafflehouse.com/
York Steak House4220 W Broad St Columbus OH 43228http://www.facebook.com/pages/York-Steak-House/340337300382
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