Saginaw homicides through April 17, 2013

Homicides in the city of Saginaw in 2013.

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Gregory GrossRay and Roberts
Saginaw, MI
Date: 26-Feb-13
Description: Police officers were called to a home on the corner of Ray and Roberts and found Gregory Gross, 52, dead outside.
Approximate time: Before 2 a.m.
Type: Beating homicide
Jovan KimballRussell and Nimons
Saginaw, MI
Date: 4-Mar-13
Description: Jovan Kimball, 27, of Saginaw was killed during a shooting outside Saginaw's Neighborhood House.
Approximate time: 2 p.m.
Type: Shooting homicide
Leigh Andrea King annd Sharlea King208 Hess
Saginaw, MI
Date: 6-Mar-13
Description: Leigh Andrea King, 42, and her 11-year-old daughter, Sharlea King, were found dead by a family member inside their home.
Approximate time: 1 p.m.
Type: Double homicide - official cause of death pending autopsy results
Timmy Lard Jr.1108 S. Webster
Saginaw, MI
Date: 3/25/2013
Description: Timmy Lard Jr., 26, was shot and killed inside the home at 1108 S. Webster on Saginaw's West Side.
Approximate time: 3 a.m.
Type: Shooting homicide
Darris Johnson3267 Glenwood
Saginaw, MI
Date: 3/27/2013
Description: Darris Johnson, 18, was shot and killed before 1 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27, inside Glenwood Market at the intersection of Tausend and Glenwood.
Approximate time: 1 p.m.
Type: Shooting homicide
Thomas Lee Jr.Cronk and North Michigan
Saginaw, MI
Date: 4/10/2013
Description: Thomas Lee Jr., 24, was shot and killed at Cronk and North Michigan, police said. .
Approximate time: 3:40 p.m.
Type: Shooting homicide
Angelica Olivarez1622 N. Bond
Saginaw, MI
Date: 4/15/2013
Description: Police are looking for Michael D. Lawrence, 24, for questioning in the death of his girlfriend and are advising anyone who sees him to call 911 immediately. Police are asking residents to "use extreme caution" because Lawrence is considered armed and dangerous. Angelica Olivarez, 23, was found dead inside her Saginaw home after her 3-year-old son alerted a neighbor of her body.
Approximate time: 4 p.m.
Type: Homicide
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