Madison Area Donate Produce Locations

A map of location throughout the greater Madison area that accept donations of fresh produce.

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600 Williamson St Suite H, Madison
Organization: AIDS Network
Phone: 608-316-8626
Type: food pantry
When: Tuesdays
Favorites: Any and all!
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Drop off at front desk inside Suite H.
Organization: First United Methodist
203 Wisconsin Ave, Madison
Organization: Church
Phone: 608-256-9061
Type: food pantry
When: M-Th 9-3:30 F 9-12
Favorites: All vegetables are welcome.
Notes: Boxing veggies is preferred, but not necessary.
Organization: Grace Episcopal
116 W. Washington Ave , Madison
Organization: Church Food Pantry
Phone: 608-255-5147
Type: food pantry
When: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings
Favorites: tomatoes, corn, sweet and hot peppers, all onions, garlic, all potatoes, cilantro, strawberries, blueberries, grapes
Not Wanted: tender greens and herbs other than cilantro
Notes: Sort produce by type. Temporary parking in church alley to unload. Enter the church courtyard, go left through glass doors, then left again and ask reception for help.
322 E. Washington Ave., Madison
Organization: Off the Square; Lutheran Social Services of WI and Upper MI
Phone: 608-251-6901
Type: free meal site
When: Monday - Friday 9-4
Favorites: lettuce, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, carrots, everything else
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Sort by type and size to ensure immediate refrigeration.
Organization: Porchlight, Inc
306 N. Brooks St, Madison
Organization: Kitchen Programs
Phone: 608-257-2534
Type: free meal site food pantry shelter/housing
When: Monday - Friday 9-3
Favorites: All vegetables are welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Please sort into individual servings for greens and other items without a skin.
101 E. Mifflin St, Madison
Organization: YWCA Madison
Phone: 608-257-1436
Type: food pantry
When: 7 days a weekÐ days or early evenings
Favorites: All vegetables are welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Produce is put in lobby to residents to take. There is no storage or refrigeration, so only small donations can be accepted.
Organization: Good Shepherd
5701 Raymond Rd, Madison
Organization: Food Pantry
Phone: 608-271-6633
Type: food pantry
When: Thursdays 9-6
Favorites: corn, collard greens, beans, and lettuce
Not Wanted: beets
Notes: Use main entrance with large glass doors. Place produce on table outside pantry
Organization: Pheasant Branch
6430 Pheasant Lane, Middleton
Organization: Senior Apartments
Phone: 608-836-5905
Type: senior housing
When: Monday - Friday Before noon is preferable. Call ahead to set up time.
Favorites: All vegetables are welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Building is secured, so call the resident manager (in her apartment or office) once you arrive.
Organization: Prairie Park Senior
6530 Schroeder Rd, Madison
Organization: Apartments
Phone: 608-276-5785
Type: low income housing, senior independent living
When: Thursdays 11-12
Favorites: All vegetables are welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Please package vegetables by type.
902 N. High Point Rd, Madison
Organization: Rosewood Villas
Phone: 608-827-5500
Type: subsidized senior housing
When: Monday - Friday 8-4
Favorites: spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onions
Not Wanted: none
6710 Elmwood Ave, Middleton
Organization: Voss Haus
Phone: 608-831-5990
Type: food pantry
When: Monday - Thursday 8-11
Favorites: All vegetables are welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: We are a locked community; please call office upon arrival.
Organization: Westwood Christian
5218 Odana Rd, Madison
Organization: Church
Phone: 608-274-0266
Type: food pantry
When: Wednesdays or Thursdays
Favorites: Common garden vegetables
Not Wanted: eggplant, kale, beets,
Notes: Please clean vegetables. Call to arrange delivery time.
Organization: East Madison
8 Straubel Ct, Madison
Organization: Community Center
Phone: 608-249-0861
Type: food pantry, after school program
When: Monday - Friday 9-5
Favorites: carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Please leave produce on food shelves by front door.
149 Waubesa St, Madison
Organization: The Fritz Food Pantry, Goodman Community Center
Phone: 608-241-1574
Type: food pantry, free meal site
When: Monday - Friday during operating hours
Favorites: onions, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, leafy greens, zucchini, cucumbers, celery, peas, carrots
Not Wanted: none
212 S. Baldwin St, Madison
Organization: Port St. Vincent MenÕs Housing, Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Phone: 608-257-2036
Type: free meal site, shelter/housing meal program
When: Anytime Ñ we have 24 hour staffing.
Favorites: onions, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, but we will graciously except any.
Not Wanted: none
Organization: Kennedy Heights
199 Kennedy Heights, Madison
Organization: Community Center
Phone: 608-244-0767
Type: food pantry, after school programming
When: Mondays 9-4
Favorites: tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, garlic, onions, peas, green beans, hardy greens: spinach, kale, bok choy
Not Wanted: fragile greens
2126 N Sherman Ave, Madison
Organization: Living in Community Inc, Bread of Life Food Pantry & Senior Connections
Phone: 608-244-8077
Type: food pantry, free meal site
When: Tuesdays after 9 a.m. Thursdays 8-10
Favorites: All vegetables are welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: The lower west entrance will be open.
1927 Northport Dr, Madison
Organization: Packer Apartments, Packer Community Learning Center
Phone: 608-249-0160
Type: general food distribution to residents, after school programming
When: Monday -Friday 9-3
Favorites: Anything!
Not Wanted: leafy greens (difficult to store for more than a day)
Organization: The River Food
2201 Darwin Rd, Madison
Organization: Pantry
Phone: 608-442-8815
Type: food pantry, free meal site
When: M 9:30-5:30 T 10:30-7:30 Th 9:30-7:30 F 11-9
Favorites: Everything!
Not Wanted: Anything wilted, starting to spoil, with lots of blemishes, etc.
1738 Roth St, Madison
Organization: Safe Haven, Porchlight Inc.
Phone: 608-241-9447
Type: free meal site, shelter/ housing meal program
When: Anytime Ð we have 24 hour staffing.
Favorites: onions, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, bell peppers
Not Wanted: eggplant, artichokes
Notes: If the front door is locked, just knock. Otherwise the office is inside, so just walk in.
4619 Jenewein Dr, Madison
Organization: Allied Food Pantry
Phone: 608-204-9722
Type: food pantry
When: Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the day, but please call ahead.
Favorites: collard greens, lettuce, potatoes, onions, apples, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Call Eileen Dresser (698-9922) ahead of time so she can meet you and refrigerate items.
910 Fermite Dr, Madison
Organization: Madison 7th Day Adventist Food Pantry & Community Services
Phone: 608-221-3386
Type: . food pantry
When: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month 2-4
Favorites: All fruits and vegetables are welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Clean produce sorted by type is preferred. Call 438-3180 when you arrive with your donation.
540 W Olin Ave, Madison
Organization: Romnes Apartments
Phone: 608-267-9524
Type: subsidized housing, free meal program
When: 7 days a week mornings
Favorites: Whatever is in season
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Please call manager (335-1655) to arrange drop-off. Individual packing is greatly appreciated.
Organization: Southridge Village
1914 Post Rd, Madison
Organization: Apartments
Phone: 608-273-2797
Type: general distribution to residents, subsidized housing
When: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
Favorites: All vegetables are welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Secured buildingÑ ring office. Sorting by type of produce is appreciated.
605 Spruce St, Madison
Organization: St MarkÕs Community Food Ministry
Phone: 608-256-8463
Type: food pantry, free meal site
When: Tuesday mornings Thursday evenings Other times as arranged
Favorites: potatoes, onions, greens, tomatoes, cabbage
Not Wanted: We like everything!
Notes: Please call ahead and bring produce to the blue door in the back parking lot.
Organization: St Vincent de Paul
2033 Fish Hatchery Rd, Madison
Organization: Society
Phone: 608-442-7200
Type: food pantry
When: Monday - Friday 8-3:30 Saturdays 8-11:30
Favorites: bell peppers, sweet corn
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Drive around back of building, up the ramp; enter Òfood receivingÓ door.
Organization: Belleville
24 West Main St, Belleville
Organization: Food Pantry
Phone: 608-424-3341
Type: food pantry
When: Weekdays 8-5 Saturdays 11-1
Favorites: All vegetables are welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Ring bell on back door of village hall.
Organization: BLW Neighborhood
1917 Lakepoint Dr, Monona
Organization: Center
Phone: 608-441-6991
Type: free meal site
When: Thursday afternoons Friday mornings
Favorites: tomatoes, beans, onions, lettuce, carrots, peppers, corn, zucchini
505 North Main St, DeForest
Organization: Deforest Area Community and Senior Center
Phone: 608-846-9469
Type: general distribution to agency visitors
When: Tuesdays 9-4
Favorites: All produce is welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Organize by variety and individually package if possible.
Organization: McFarland
5307 Hough St, McFarland
Organization: Food Pantry
Phone: 608-658-0927
Type: food pantry
When: Mondays 3-5:30 Wednesdays 3:30-5
Favorites: radish, kohlrabi, carrots, green beans, peas, corn, squash, potatoes
Not Wanted: lettuce and kale
Notes: Please box produce.
8710 Montclair Ave, Middleton
Organization: Middleton Outreach Ministry
Phone: 608-826-3407
Type: food pantry
When: Monday -Thursday 9:30-1:30 Friday - Saturday 8:30-11:30
Favorites: All produce is welcome.
Organization: Middleton Senior
7448 Hubbard Ave, Middleton
Organization: Center
Phone: 608-831-2373
Type: general distribution to agency visitors
When: Monday - Friday: 8-4:30
Favorites: All produce is welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Single servings would be great since most adults live alone.
Organization: Monona Hills
353 Owen Rd Monona
Organization: Apartments
Phone: 608-221-8988
Type: shelter/ housing meal program
When: Monday - Friday: 8-4
Favorites: All produce is welcome.
Not Wanted: none
Notes: Come to front entrance, and manager will let you in. Please box vegetables.
Organization: Oregon Area Senior
219 Park Street Oregon
Organization: Center
Phone: 608-835-5801
Type: general food distribution to agency visitors
When: Monday - Thursday: 8-4
Favorites: Any produce in season.
Not Wanted: Swiss chard
525 Lincoln Ave, Stoughton
Organization: Stoughton United Methodist Food Pantry
Phone: 608-873-3273
Type: food pantry
When: Mondays 8:30-11, Tuesdays 8-11, Wednesdays 8-11
Favorites: corn, beans, carrots, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, peas, spinach lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage
Not Wanted: collard greens, okra
Notes: Sorting produce by type is helpful. Individual bags are wonderful, but not necessary.
Organization: St StephenÕs Food
5700 Pheasant Hill Rd., Monona
Organization: Pantry
Phone: 608-222-1241
Type: food pantry
When: Monday - Thursday: 8-2
Favorites: tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, squash, and cabbage
Not Wanted: herbs
130 N Franklin, Verona
Organization: Verona Food Pantry
Phone: 608-848-2499
Type: food pantry
When: Mondays 3-6, Thursdays 3-6
Favorites: tomatoes, tomatillos, peas and green beans
Notes: Please sort produce by type.
Organization: Waunakee
601 Worthington Way, Waunakee
Organization: Food Pantry
Phone: 608-849-9742
Type: food pantry
When: 2nd Sat of month 8-10, 3rd W of month 9-11, 4th Tue of month, 3:30-5:30
Favorites: onions, squash, peppers, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, cucumbers, and fresh herbs
Not Wanted: cabbage, leaf lettuce, kale
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