Primary Election Polling Places

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Dailey Middle School
1400 Westall St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 101/114/115/116/119
Copperfield Elementary School
12135 Thompkins Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 102
Graham Elementary School
11211 Tom Adams Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 103/108
Cedar View Rehabilitation
11020 Dessau Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 104
Manor ISD Administration Building
10335 US Hwy 290 East, Manor Travis
Precinct: 105
Neidig Elementary School
13700 County Line Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 106
New Sweden Lutheran Church
12809 New Sweden Church Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 107
Parmer Lane Elementary School
1806 Parmer Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 109
Park Crest Middle School
1500 N Railroad Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 110/161
Westview Middle School
1805 Scofield Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 111
Dessau Elementary School
1501 Dessau Ridge Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 112
Wieland Elementary School
900 Tudor House Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 113
Overton Elementary School
7201 Colony Loop Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 117/120
Pearce Middle School
6401 North Hampton Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 118/130/151
LBJ High School
7309 Lazy Creek Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 121/128/134
YMCA East Community Branch
5315 Ed Bluestein Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 122
Murchison Elementary School
2215 Kelly Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 123/238
Carver Complex
1161 Angelina St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 124
Bluebonnet Trail Elementary School
11316 Farmhaven Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 125/127/154
David Chapel Portable
2211 East MLK Jr. Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 126
Sims Elementary School
1203 Springdale Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 129
Pecan Springs Elementary School
3100 Rogge Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 132
Blanton Elementary School
5408 Westminster Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 133
Promise Land Church
1504 E 51st St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 135
Pfluger Hall
203-B E Pecan St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 136
Rowe Lane Elementary School
3112 Speidel Dr., Austin Travis
Precinct: 137/163
Gus Garcia Rec Center
1201 E Rundberg Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 139/141
Dobie Middle School
1200 East Rundberg Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 140
Travis County Offices
5501 Airport Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 142
Windermere Elementary School
1100 Picadilly Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 145
Pflugerville ISD Administration Building
1401 W Pecan St, Pflugerville Travis
Precinct: 146
County Tax Office (Community Room)
15822 Foothill Farms Loop, Austin Travis
Precinct: 148
Reilly Elementary School
405 Denson Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 149
Brookhollow Elementary School
1200 N Railroad Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 150
Maplewood Elementary School
3808 Maplewood Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 152
Pioneer Crossing Elementary
11300 Samsung Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 153
Virginia Brown Rec Center
7500 Blessing Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 156
Spring Hill Elementary School
600 S Heatherwilde Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 160
Barrington Elementary School
400 Cooper Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 164
Winters Building
701 W 51st St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 200
Ridgetop Elementary School
5005 Caswell Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 202
Boulder Ridge Community Room
3300 Killingsworth Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 203
Camden Huntingdon Apartments
12349 Metric Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 205
Lee Elementary School
3308 Hampton Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 206
YMCA Northwest Branch
5807 McNeil Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 207
UT Flawn Academic Center (Lobby)
2400 Inner Campus Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 208
Cook Elementary School
1511 Cripple Creek Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 209/222
O. Henry Middle School
2610 W 10th St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 210/251
Walnut Creek Elementary School
401 W Braker Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 211
Bridge Point Elementary School
6401 Cedar St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 212/221
Cat Mountain HOA
6007 Mount Bonnell Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 213/231
Bryker Woods Elementary School
3309 Kerbey Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 214
Wells Branch Community Library
15001 Wells Point Dr, Wells Branch Travis
Precinct: 215
Northwest Elementary School
14014 Thermal Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 216
Lanier High School
1201 Payton Gin Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 217/223/224
ACC Northridge Campus
11928 Stonehollow Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 218
Caldwell Elementary School
1718 Picadilly Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 219
Wells Branch MUD Recreational Center
3000 Shoreline Dr, Wells Branch Travis
Precinct: 225
Villas of Bristol Heights Apartments
12041 Dessau Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 226/227
Emeritus at North Austin
5310 Duval Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 228/254/267
Wells Branch Community Center
2106 Klattenhoff Dr, Wells Branch Travis
Precinct: 229
Canyon Ridge Middle School
12601 County Trails Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 232
Shepherd of the Hills Christian Church
6909 W Courtyard Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 233
River Place Elementary School
6500 Sitio Del Rio, Austin Travis
Precinct: 234
McCallum High School
5600 Sunshine Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 235
Rosedayle Elementary School
2117 W 49th St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 236
Highland Park Baptist Church
5205 Balcones Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 237
Gullett Elementary School
6310 Treadwell Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 239
Highland Park Elementary School
4900 Fairview Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 240
Brentwood Elementary School
6700 Arroyo Seco, Austin Travis
Precinct: 241
Northwest Baptist Church
6301 Woodrow Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 242
Ben Hur Shriners Hall
7811 Rockwood Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 243
Randalls at Quinlan Crossing
5145 RM 620 North, Austin Travis
Precinct: 244
Grandview Hills Elementary School
12024 Vista Parke Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 245
Hill Elementary School
8601 Tallwood Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 246
Doss Elementary School
7005 Northledge Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 247
Burnet Middle School
8401 Hathaway Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 248
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
8134 Mesa Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 249/262
Mathews Elementary School
906 W Lynn St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 250
North Village Libarary
2505 Steck Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 252
First Presbyterian Church
8001 Mesa Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 253
Howson Library
2500 Exposition Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 256/266
McBee Elementary School
1001 W Braker Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 258
Summitt Elementary School
12207 Brigadoon Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 259
Austin Brethren Church
1800 Peyton Gin Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 260
United Christian Church
3500 W Parmer Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 263
Grant AME Worship Center
1701 Kramer Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 268
Trinity Lutheran Church
1207 W 45th St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 273
First English Lutheran Church
3001 Whitis Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 274
Baker Center (at 39th Street)
3908 Ave B, Austin Travis
Precinct: 275
University Co-op
2246 Guadalupe St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 277
Sunset Valley City Hall
3205 Jones Rd, Sunset Valley Travis
Precinct: 301
Bailey Middle School
4020 Lost Oasis Hollow, Austin Travis
Precinct: 302
Oak Hill Primative Baptist Church
11408 FM 1826, Austin Travis
Precinct: 303
Kiker Elementary School
5913 LaCrosse Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 304
Great Hills Baptist Church
10500 Jollyville Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 305/323/345
Lakeway Activity Center
105 Cross Ceek Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 306/319
Rollingwood Municipal Building
402 Nixon Dr, Rollingwood Travis
Precinct: 307/356
Briarclifff POA Community Center
22801 Briarcliff Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 308
Southwest Christian Church
10500 Old Manchaca Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 309
Manchaca United Methodist Church
1011 FM 1626, Manchaca Travis
Precinct: 310
Senior Activity Center
2874 Shoal Crest Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 311/313
Travis County Sheriff's Office
3800 Hudson Bend Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 312
Oak Hill Fire Dept. (Barton Creek Station)
4111 Barton Creek Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 314
Villages Amenities Center
12006 Gatling Gun Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 315
Travis County Parks Office
14624 Hamilton Pool Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 316
Eanes ISD Administration Building
601 Camp Craft Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 317
Austin Ridge Bible Church
9300 Bee Cave Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 318
Triumphant Love Lutheran Church
9508 Great Hills Tr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 321
Bee Cave City Hall
4000 Galleria Pwy, Bee Cave Travis
Precinct: 324/368
Austin City Hall
301 W 2nd St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 325/329
Laurel Mountain Elementary School
10111 DK Ranch Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 326
Fire Station # 33
9409 Bluegrass Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 327
Renaissance Retirement Center
11279 Taylor Draper Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 328
Laura's Library
9411 Bee Cave Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 330/357
Zilker Elementary School
1900 Bluebonnet Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 332/340/341
Canyon Creek Elementary School
10210 Ember Glen Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 333/343
Spicewood Elementary School
11601 Olson Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 334
Canyon Vista Middle School
8455 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 335
Hallmark Baptist Church
9023 Old Lampassas Tr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 336
Lakewood Homeowner's Association
7317 Lakewood Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 337
Travis County WCID #18
1502 San Juan Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 338
Western Hills Church of Christ
6211 Parkwood Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 339
Barton Hills Elementary School
2108 Barton Hills Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 342
Cunningham Elementary School
2200 Berkeley Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 344
Serene Hills Elementary School
3301 Serene Hills Dr, Lakeway Travis
Precinct: 346
Hill Country Elementary School
1300 Walsh Tarlton Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 347
ACC Pinnacle Campus
7748 Highway 290 W, Austin Travis
Precinct: 349
Cowan Elementary School
2817 Kentish Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 350
Small Middle School
4801 Monterey Oaks Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 351
Covington Middle School
3700 Convict Hill Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 352/358
Travis Country HOA Office
4504 Travis Country Cir, Austin Travis
Precinct: 354
LTISD Educational Development Center
607 RR 620 N, Austin Travis
Precinct: 359
Bowie High School
4103 W Slaughter Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 360
Oak Hill Fire Dept. (Station #301)
9211 Circle Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 361
Will Hampton Branch Public Library
5125 Convict Hill Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 361
Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church
5226 W William Cannon Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 363
Randalls in West Lake Hills
3300 Bee Caves Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 364
West Rural Community Center
8656 Hwy 71 W, Austin Travis
Precinct: 365
Mills Elementary School
6201 Davis Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 366
Clayton Elementary School
7525 La Crosse Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 367
Christ Episcopal Church
3520 W Whitestone Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 369
Round Mountain Community Center
14340 Round Mountain Rd, Leander Travis
Precinct: 370
Lago Vista High School
8039 Bar-K Ranch Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 371
T.C. Community Center at Jonestown (Suite 6A)
18649 FM 1431, Jonestown Travis
Precinct: 372
Rolling Hills Community Church
6201 Lohman Ford Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 373
Deer Creek Elementary School
2420 Zepplin Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 374
Volente Fire Department
15406 FM 2769, Austin Travis
Precinct: 375
Del Valle ISD Administration Building
5301 Ross Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 401
Elroy Community Library
13512 FM 812, Elroy Travis
Precinct: 402
Creedmore Elementary School
5604 FM 1327, Austin Travis
Precinct: 403
Blazier Elementary School
8601 Vertex Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 404
Ojeda Middle School
4900 McKinney Falls Pwy, Austin Travis
Precinct: 405
St. Alban's Episcopal Church
11819 IH-35 S, Austin Travis
Precinct: 406/417
South Rural Community Center
3518 South FM 973, Austin Travis
Precinct: 407
Southwest Church
8900 Manchaca Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 408/435
Galindo Elementary School
3800 S 2nd St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 409
Science & Health Center
305 N Bluff Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 410
Akins High School
10701 S 1st St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 411/416
Randalls on Ben White
2025 W Ben White Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 412/454
Langford Elementary School
2206 Blue Meadow Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 413/418/448
Texas Oaks Baptist Church
9910 Bilbrook Pl, Austin Travis
Precinct: 414
Casey Elementary School
9400 Texas Oaks Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 415
Odom Elementary School
1010 Turtle Creek Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 419/447
Parker Lane United Methodist Church
2105 Parker Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 420
Congress Avenue Baptist Curch
1511 S Congress Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 421
Fulmore Middle School
201 E Mary St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 422
Montopolis Rec Center
1200 Montopolis Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 423
South Austin Rec Center
1100 Cumberland Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 424
Govalle Elementary School
3601 Govalle Ave, Austin Travis
Precinct: 426/444
St. Elmo Elementary
600 W St. Elmo Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 425/446
Allan Elementary School
4900 Gonzales St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 427/436
Mexican American Cultural Center
600 River St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 428
Dan Ruiz Branch Public Library
1600 Grove Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 429
Ann Richards School (Portable A)
2206 Prather Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 430/461
Baty Elementary School
2101 Faro Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 431
Sanchez Elementary School
73 San Marcos St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 432/438
Travis High School
1211 E Oltforf, Austin Travis
Precinct: 433/442
Southwest Church of Christ
8900 Manchaca Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 435
Twin Oaks Branch Library
1800 S 5th St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 437
Cantu/Pan Am Rec Center
2100 E 3rd St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 439
CityView at the Park Senior Apartments
2000 Woodward St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 440
St. Johns Lutheran Church
409 W Ben White Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 441
Mendez Middle School
5106 Village Square Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 443
Dove Springs Rec Center
5801 Ainez Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 450
Bedichek Middle School
6800 Bill Hughes Rd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 451
Houston Elementary School
5409 Ponciana Dr, Austin Travis
Precinct: 452
Mockingbird Post Office
7310 Manchaca Blvd, Austin Travis
Precinct: 458
ACC South Campus
1820 W Stassney Ln, Austin Travis
Precinct: 460
Williams Elementary School
500 Mario St, Austin Travis
Precinct: 463
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