River Ridge School of Music & Dance

"Soft Skills You Can Pick Up As Part Of Your Music Lessons Music is universal. Even in a language that is not understood, music has the power to heal and bring back life to an ailing soul. A great way to cut your teeth in the music field is to enroll in a Music school in Harahan. Whether as a child or an adult, no one can’t take advantage of the offerings of a music school. When enrolled, whether in Harahan piano lessons, Harahan voice lessons, Harahan guitar lessons, or other lessons, you will find that there are a range of skills that you will pick up. These skills will come in handy in other areas of your life, especially outside the music scene. Are you looking for more reasons to choose music lessons, whether for you or your child? Below are some of the soft skills you or your child stand to acquire in the process. Responsibility and self-discipline Coming out of a music school as a trained musician or an instrumentalist grants you some of the finest skills that you will come to appreciate, instantly and later in the future. One of those skills is responsibility and self-discipline. As a trained musician, you will find that one of the earliest skills you picked up is how to be responsible, as a standalone individual and also as part of a team. Music classes require one of the highest levels of responsibility and self-discipline. As part of your training, you will better understand how to act and conduct yourself towards meeting your set goals. Perseverance Learning is a process. You find that sometimes you aren’t the fastest to get a particular lesson. This is part of learning. While you may have chosen to opt-out earlier, graduating from a music school goes a long way to teach you what perseverance means. When out of the music school, you are sure to remember the driving force behind your perseverance, especially on days when you seem to be unable to get the desired results, irrespective of how hard you tried. Concentration and memory While many people consider music lessons as easy and mid-difficult at best, usually, they forget that learning music is dependent on the ability of the student to grasp concepts and apply their creativity, then store the data in their memory for future use. As part of your music lessons, you will get a better chance of exercising your memory and ability to concentrate. Communication and Teamwork As a musician, working alone will soon become a myth. However, if you aren’t the team-spirited kind of person, you will soon develop this skill as you are required to function as part of a team, whether as a drummer, guitarist, vocalist, pianist, or others. The ability to function as an individual and as part of a team will come in handy in other areas of your life including how you relate in your work and social setting. Music holds a lot of power. With this power comes responsibility. While many are directly unaware of these soft skills, they are inherently ingrained as part of the learning process and cannot be denied when carefully examined. "

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