Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge

"Property Damage Recovery: A Complete Guide Adverse events may suddenly happen and cause damage to your house. Most of them need to be addressed right away. Baton Rouge water damage restoration remains a reliable partner in case of emergency. Covering a wide range of property damages, we can save you time and money. Calling any other service that doesn’t have the experience to deal with the situation could be costly and devastating. Let’s check all the services we offer, plus new ones developed exclusively within the COVID-19 pandemic. Emergency Services These emergency services respond to sudden and unpredicted weather phenomena or building deficiencies due to negligence. Flood damage We offer a Baton Rouge flood restoration service to ensure water doesn’t penetrate the walls and floors. Our experienced personnel cuts the water supply and uses pumps to flush out the water from your basement. Fire & smoke damage As one of the finest Baton Rouge fire damage restoration companies, it's our task to follow the firemen and enter your house to restore any damages caused by fire and smoke. It would be better to call us right away to ensure that the fire's aftermath could be less impactful for your residential or commercial property. Wind & storm damage A storm might devastate your house in several minutes. Calling for our services prevents further damage to your roof, windows, and balconies that usually get severely hit by winds. Mold remediation Being a high-standard Baton Rouge mold remediation company, we can give you a direct estimate of your home's mold load. By checking the air conditioning ducts, the bathrooms, and kitchens -where mold usually finds its way to your premises- we can certainly contribute to a fresher and healthier house for your family. Remodeling Services Living in the same house for several years could be boring. Even worse, your family would grow through the years, and you may need to remodel your house and provide them a better lifestyle. Either way, the remodeling services offered are: Kitchen remodeling Our internal designers propose new solutions for your kitchen and perform the suitable renovation in the shortest possible time. Bathroom remodeling Sometimes you may need a complete bathroom remodeling or relocation. Our experienced plumbers can move the sanitary appliances and pipes to new destinations and work with you to make them look fancier. Other rooms remodeling It may seem easy but remodeling your bedrooms, and living rooms would require more skill than assumed. We can help with a completely new architectural plan to ensure that your rooms meet your family’s needs. Coronavirus Cleaning During the pandemic, we have expanded our services to COVID-19 cleaning. Our services include all possible property types: Residential Our experienced cleaners come to your house and apply FDA-approved sanitizers to ensure the proper protection against coronavirus. Kitchens and bathrooms are always among the first rooms to get virus disinfection. Commercial Even though commercial properties are more complex than homes, our staff can help with removing coronavirus from all commonly used surfaces. Public toilets, kitchens, places where people gather are all primary targets for our cleaners. "

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