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"How To Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer Are you tired of spending so much on repairing your air conditioner? Are you wondering why your Air Conditioning Temecula doesn’t last well as that of your neighbors? Just relax because you’re about to find out the secret behind making your air conditioner last longer too. If well managed, most central AC is designed to have a lifespan of about 15 years. If you also want your AC to last that long, you should follow the tips below: Get Professional Servicing One of the most effective methods to make your AC last longer is to ensure that professionals are servicing them. This is a preventive approach that can make your AC last longer. If you hire an experienced Air Conditioning company, they’ll help with the inspection, cleaning, and servicing. If there’s any minor fault developed by your AC, it can easily be repaired before it develops into a more complicated fault that might require you to spend more. If you deal with the right accompany, they know what to look for during the servicing to tell if your AC needs repair work or not. Ensure That Your AC Is Kept Cool And Protected You shouldn’t keep your AC exposed to sunlight or another heat source. If your AC is directly exposed to sunlight or heat, it might not last long. The outdoor units should, therefore, be kept under tree shades, or its shade should be specially designed. However, if you opt for the former, you should ensure that it is kept at a reasonable distance to ensure that twigs and leaves don’t get stuck in the fan. If otherwise, the leaves, twigs, or debris might affect the rolling of the fan, and when the fan begins to struggle before rolling, your AC might get damaged. Ensure That Air Flow Blockages Are Removed You need to ensure that the indoor air circulation is not obstructed. It is, therefore, crucial that you keep the area around cooling vents clean. You should also clean the return Inlets as well, ensure they’re clear of any obstacles. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove all built-up dust around dampers. This is the proper way of ensuring that the airflow of your AC is not blocked. If you can’t do this without causing damage to your AC, you can seek the help of a professional. You should also ensure that drapes and furniture do not block the airflow between rooms. If there’s an easy circulation of the cooled air in the house, it’ll also be more comfortable for the air conditioner to maintain pressure. Inspect The Air Ducts Regularly What the ducts of your AC do is to push conditioned air into your home from the heating and cooling units. If there are gaps, leaks, or any form of obstructions in the duct, cooled air might escape into the surrounding before it gets into your rooms. This will, therefore, force your AC to work harder. Doing all these will surely make your AC last longer. "

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