Hillside Custom Homes

The Benefits of Choosing a Custom-Built Home, Have you been thinking about buying a new home lately? Perhaps you have been considering whether building a new home might be a better option than just buying an existing home. At Hillside Custom Homes, we are New Braunfels home builders and we know that one of the biggest benefits that people enjoy when they choose to have their new home built is that it is a custom home. Meaning that its design is in your hands to a great extent, certainly to a much greater extent than an already existing house since you can only modify it to a slight degree in most cases. A custom-built home also comes with other advantages that make it a great choice both for first time home buyers and those who have dealt with the market before. Your Home’s Style, Sometimes, people who are looking to buy a new home know what neighborhood or at least the general area where they would like to buy. Unfortunately, a quick trip around the target area will reveal that the style of homes there does not exactly match what they have in mind. If you are in this predicament, you will be glad to know that choosing a custom-built home from a New Braunfels TX home builder gives you a lot of power in terms of choosing the style, and that will go a long way when it comes to being happy with it! Building Materials, When you buy an existing home, you might have an idea of the materials that were used to build it, but do you really know? Perhaps the person or real estate company who sells it to you will tell you about it, but people are not always as honest as they should be. At Hillside Custom Homes, we pride ourselves on using only the best materials in the market in order to produce the top-notch results that our clients always expect. We guarantee the quality of our materials and you can even come to take a look at them as we build your new home! We are builders who you can trust and all of the homes we build include a 10-year structural warranty for peace of mind. Why Choose Us, At Hillside Custom Homes, we know that a house should not just be a house, it should be a wonderful home where you and your loved ones spend precious moments together, as that is what we aim to provide to every single client who comes to us. We have more than a decade of solid experience, ensuring that you are in good hands when you choose us to build your custom home. Our founder, Valin Thomas, was initially in the business of selling land when he chose to pursue his dream of building homes for the same clients who bought land from him. Over the years, Valin and the rest of our highly-qualified and experienced builders have consistently delivered amazing results that have taken Hillside Custom Homes from humble beginnings to having a solid reputation as a New Braunfels home builder. Call Us Now to Talk About Your Custom-Built Home, If you are considering a custom-built home, we will be more than happy to sit down with you and talk about what you have in mind. Even if you are not quite sure what design or style you really want, we can help you to decide what will work best for you and your family. At Hillside Custom Homes, we believe that getting to know our clients personally not only helps us to serve them better but ultimately provides them with the home of their dreams! For the best custom home builder New Braunfels, dial (254) 217-7652 now!

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