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Destiny Marketing Solutions: How To Drive Revenue, Not Just Online Traffic There is a myth that most people have; that you need an insane amount of traffic to deliver sales. Although this is somewhat true because the assumption is the more traffic, the more people you have to convert. But with so many companies discovering how powerful content marketing is, you may not get the traffic you are hoping for. This is why our Houston SEO company focuses more on the quality of the traffic. We focus on driving quality traffic with people more likely to convert. This means that even if you get less traffic than your competitor by having quality traffic, you are better placed to convert potential clients. With our keyword analysis strategy and the creation of great content, you have a better chance of outranking your competitors and actually getting both quality traffic and a high number of visitors. What we focus on There are many SEO techniques, which are generally classified as black hat, grey hat, and white hat. The problem with black hat and grey hat SEO techniques is that they can help you rank very quickly, but the downside is it involves using techniques generally frowned upon by Google. That means you may rank quicker, but the chances of getting banned or getting penalized on your site are high. Therefore you can gain your ranking quickly but also lose it just as fast. Destiny Marketing Solutions focuses on white hat SEO techniques, which are more sustainable and entail actually building your online brand and not solely dependent on driving high traffic. With a better brand, it is easier to convert visitors to customers and eventually repeat clients. Local SEO One thing we pride ourselves on as a Houston SEO agency is our techniques in local SEO. Local SEO is fast becoming one of the most essential tools any business should have. Google now has better algorithms to show internet users' businesses closer to them more accurately. What this means is that your company may have an advantage in a local search over big corporations even if they have a better ranking. Therefore we work with local businesses to ensure that they rank better in local searches, driving more quality visitors to their site and business location. Social SEO Many digital marketing experts may tell you that social SEO is not something you should not focus on. However, as an experienced Houston SEO firm, we know this is not true. We work with specific social media sites to help push your authority further. Most social media sites have excellent link juice that, if used correctly, can elevate your ranking further. We have mastered social media SEO to ensure you get extra link juice from these platforms. On-page and Off-page SEO On-page SEO are the activities you do on your website to increase its appeal to Google. This includes internal link building, great content, page speed, and other website aspects. If done correctly, on-page SEO can elevate your website leading to better ranking. On the other hand, off-page SEO includes link building and other white hat activities that ensure Google takes notice of you as an authority in the niche. We have mastered both the art of on-page and off-page SEO techniques to place you in a great position to rank for search queries related to your niche. With SEO growing more complicated each day as Google tries to improve its algorithms, one thing has stayed consistent. That is the need to create data-driven reports. Destiny Marketing Solutions specializes in creating easy-to-read and well-illustrated reports to ensure you understand precisely where your company stands. This will also show you your progress and what we need to do to get you even better quality traffic. Reach out to our Houston SEO consultant firm, and we will walk you through exactly how to grow your online presence leading to more revenue and sales.

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