Cannasseur Pueblo West

Popular Cannabis Strains In Pueblo West Whether you’re a beginner or a regular user of marijuana and marijuana products, you want to get the right bud that meets your needs. You walk into a Pueblo West dispensary to get ideas about cannabis products in stock. Here’s a look into some of the popular marijuana strains to begin your journey into getting the right bud at a Pueblo West cannabis dispensary. Sour Diesel Sour Diesel, which is believed to have an accidental discovery, is a unique plant falling in the OG Kush family strain. Most users had mistaken it for an indica family strain because of its crushing effects that can overwhelm sometimes. It's a reasonably slim plant featuring prominent fox-tailing when it's finished. You'll note its presence through its pungent-fuel-skunk-citrus flowers. Lineage: Sour Diesel’s origin remains unconfirmed. It’s speculated to be a cross of Original Diesel, Super Skunk, Sensi Seeds, and Hawaiian DNL. After accidentally crossing DNL plants with Original Diesel, East Coast Sour Diesel was born. Multiple companies have produced different crosses with this strain. Aroma and flavor: Sour Diesel has a strong, pungent skunk, fuel, citrus, and spicy fragrance that leaks through the bags and jars. The scent intensifies upon opening/breaking the bag. Tasting it gives skunky citrus and mentholated spice that lingers throughout the mouth. Visit Pueblo West recreational dispensary for this strain. Maui Waui The Maui Waui is among the most Sativa-looking marijuana strains that you can’t wait to taste. One of its attractive features is the ability to retain a shiny appearance. Lineage and appearance: Mau Waui is a member of the Heirloom Hawaiian IBL family. Mau Waui originated from Hawaii's inbred heirloom, which has undergone seed and stable cutting-form propagation. It occurs in fat fox-tailed dark-green stamens featuring sienna pistils. Besides, it features medium length and thickness and conspicuous heads. Aroma and Flavor: The strain features a piney and earthy scent with a spicy fragrance that will remind you of those fennel holiday spices. You won't detect the pungent property before you ground it. Similar to its scent, this strain dominantly features a pine taste with lemon and traces of sweetness all rolled into one. It's a potent marijuana strain stocked in Pueblo West dispensaries. Super Lemon Haze Super Lemon Haze is among the most highly ranked marijuana strains among clients. The strain deserves the title super because of its potent lemon qualities. The plant features short internodes when growing and is known to respond positively to topping. The untrimmed plan resembles a Christmas tree. Lineage: This strain is a member of the Lemon Skunk family. It boasts over two decade's presence in the Las Vegas Community. Aroma and Flavor: Super Lemon Haze has a powerfully citrus, grapefruit, and lemon scent. Its taste also comes out as lemony, which is identical to its aroma. You'll love its feeling in your mouth. There's an array of cannabis strains, hybrid, and indica products that you can get at a Pueblo West dispensary. Visit Cannasseur Pueblo West to get your strain.

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