Douglas County Tree Service

"Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Working with a Professional Arborist Tree trimming and pruning are essential if you wish to have healthy trees. However, you must make sure the process is done correctly. Several people won’t benefit from tree trimming and pruning due to the mistakes that they will likely make. That’s why if you seek tree services, you should hire an experienced professional. If tree pruning or trimming is done incorrectly, the bark will be affected, and there will be stunted growth. If you reach out to a professional arborist to trim or prune your trees, you will have peace of mind knowing that an expert will handle the project using the right equipment. Meanwhile, here are three mistakes you need to avoid should you contact an arborist. Unsuitable Cuts Tree trimming will involve cuts. If you want to keep your trees healthy, you need to ensure the cuts are done correctly. You could cause further problems should you cut tree branches that are near the trunk. Branch collars have unique cells that are needed for healing when the tree is cut. The branch collars can be found near the trunk and will take the shape of bumps. Also, they will produce callouses that protect the tree from particular diseases that may ruin the tree. If you hire a professional arborist, the branches will be trimmed appropriately, and you won’t have to worry about pests or diseases. More Pruning Most people will want to engage in tree pruning to improve growth and make sure there is enough sunlight distribution. Still, some people will do what is not needed without thinking about the implications. Over-pruning can cause severe problems, and most people won’t know when they’re overdoing it. Trimming over 15 percent of foliage will cause more problems to your tree. Nutrients won’t be distributed evenly, and tree branches will start to fade. Eventually, the tree will become weaker. That’s why it is critical to reaching out to a professional tree service if you need assistance. Poor Timing of Tree Pruning When you decide to engage in tree pruning, you need to know that there is a perfect time to do it. It’s not an activity that should be done at any time since it can adversely affect your trees. Licensed arborists will understand the right time when tree pruning is needed. Yet, it will be dependent on the type of trees. Are you thinking of pruning oak trees? If so, you need to know when they need to be pruned to prevent diseases. If you detect tree branches that are not in ideal condition, you need to avoid over-pruning. Reach out to a professional arborist to inspect the trees. Not only will you know the right time for trimming or pruning, but you will get expert opinion concerning the health of your trees. The team at Douglas County Tree Service has been offering high-quality tree services to Douglasville and is ready to help you should you need trimming or pruning services. It is crucial to note that working with a professional will prevent you from making costly mistakes. "

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