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Reasons Why You May Be Unable To Get A Bond After an arrest has been made, the arrested person must try as much as possible not to fight the law enforcement officers as this could add to the charges against them. Usually, the lower the charges or the less serious the charges, the easier it might be to beat. Following an arrest, the defendant is arraigned before a court for his or her initial appearance in court. During this initial appearance, the charges against the defendants are read and his or her bail application is heard by the court. A person that has been granted bail has been deemed fit to be released on the conditions that have been set by the court. Usually, the court system considers a number of factors in setting bail conditions. Some of the factors considered may include the severity of the charges against the defendant, repeat offenders, a person who is deemed a flight risk, that is, someone who might jump bail, as well as other factors. While bail qualifies a person to leave the jailhouse ahead of the beginning of their trial, it is important to note that not everyone qualifies for it. Certain factors may disqualify a defendant’s application for bail bonds Manchester. some of these factors include; - The charges against the defendant Some criminal offenses are deemed too heinous for the court system to grant bail to the defendant. In the consideration of bail application by the court, the severity of the charges against the defendant plays a huge role in the decision to come. A person who has been accused of a severe crime like murder may be unable to make bail or bail bonds Manchester CT because the crime is associated with severe punishments which may include the death penalty. To avoid the chances of disappearance or bail jumping, the court system usually denies bail application in such cases as this and orders the defendant to be remanded in custody. - Repeat offenders Usually, a first-time offender, depending on the charges, has a better chance of getting his or her bail application approved. However, repeat offenders are considered to be hardened and the court system tends to punish their lack of good decision-making ability by ordering them to remain in custody. The decision to deny them bail may also be the court’s own way of preventing them from engaging in such an act prior to the commencement of their trial. - Threat to the society In cases of kidnapping, serial killings, and others that pose a threat to society, the court is usually wary of releasing accused persons into the street as this may cause panic. In addition to this, the court system determines whether or not such a person has or is displaying signs of instability or mental illnesses. For mentally unstable persons, a psychiatric evaluation and treatment may be ordered instead of releasing them into the streets. If you or your loved ones have, however, been granted bail, securing bail bond services Manchester CT is a lot cheaper and faster.

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