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"We are a NYC electrician company serving all residential, and commercial properties in Manhattan. Everything from outlets, to major circuit installations. Call us Electrical Installations, Repairs and Maintenance Why We’re The Best Electrician NY Has To Offer In this day and age, all consumers need access to a good electrician. At the same time, business owners need to familiarize themselves with their local electricians. The good news is that you’ve found us. We are truly the most skilled and reliable electrical contractor in the entire state and we’ll be able to help you solve your problem as quickly as conveniently as possible. What are the benefits of working with us? You’ll find out below. We are locally based and sincerely care about providing you with maximum satisfaction. Our company is licensed and insured. We’ll help you get the job done, while virtually eliminating the risks involved. We’re more than capable of meeting the needs of all clients, including residential, commercial and industrial. We offer generators and surge protectors. We are experts at troubleshooting electrical problems. We’ll diagnose and fix the problem quickly than anyone else in the area. All of our electricians have extensive training and they can get the job done right. Our employees are all drug tested, before they’re allowed out into the field. Call Us: (646) 351-0882 Contact Us Immediately Are you sick and tired of your outlet not working? Have you just experienced a power surge and are worried about your computer and other electronics become damaged? If you answered yes to one of these questions or are experiencing another type of electric problem, it is truly time to call us. Our customer representatives are on standby and they’re eager to hear from you. When you ready to ask a question or schedule an appointment, you should pick up the phone and reach out to us immediately. Call Us: (646) 351-0882 We Handle : Ceiling Fans, Generators, Smoke Detectors , Light Switches, Light Dimmers, Meter Bases, Recessed Lighting, Surge Protection, Appliance Circuits, Electrical Outlets, Landscape Lighting,Whole House Fans, Breakers & Fuses, Replacing Hazardous Panels and Breakers, Lighting Fixture Installations and more"

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