Sterling Law Offices, S.C.

"Sterling Law Offices, S.C. According to the law, the word family has several definitions depending on the context of use. One of which is “a group of people connected by affinity, blood or through law. And, much like any other relationship, families do also have their good and bad moments. Beautiful moments can be anything from financial increase, marriage, or adoption. Terrible moments could be divorce, domestic abuse, or custody battles. Whatever moments your family goes through, it’s essential to have a divorce lawyer like Sterling Law Offices, S.C. We are a family law firm that practices family law exclusively. We handle various family court cases in Sheboygan, WI, including divorce, alimony, child custody, child support, property division, divorce mediation, litigation or collaborative, prenuptial agreements, and more. Our office is located at N Taylor Drive and Superior Ave. Tony Karls and Jeff Hughes founded Sterling Law offices on 22 June 2014. Over the years, the company has stayed true to its vision, going the extra mile to become the most impactful law firm in the world. What Sets Us Apart? At Sterling Law Offices, S.C., we strive to be different, and that’s portrayed in more than just our customer services. Some things that make us stand out are: 1. Services The services we offer are exclusively for family cases. Some of these services include: Divorce If you and your partner have finally decided to end your marriage amicably, the first question that often pops up is whether you’ll require the services of a divorce attorney. The answer is yes; you need one, especially if there are legal issues you and your partner need to sort out like: Division of property. Child support. Alimony. Child custody. A lawyer will help you navigate these legal issues and offer legal advice whenever necessary, especially if it is a contested divorce. Custody and Placement Navigating child custody cases without the help of an attorney isn’t a walk in the park. There’s plenty of paperwork to keep, deadlines to track, and necessary legal details required throughout the entire process. But, with the help of a family lawyer, you never have to do all the legal work, as it’s all done for you. Some child custody actions we assist our clients with are: Modifying custody orders. Custody and divorce. Enforcing custody orders. 2. Annual College Scholarship Opportunity At Sterling Law Offices, S.C., we value education. And that’s why we are offering students the chance to win a paid scholarship worth $1,000. This scholarship will go towards funding their academic goals. With this scholarship, we hope students can continue pursuing their dreams. The qualification guidelines for this scholarship are: You must be a United States Resident. Must be a full-time enrolled student at an accredited trade school or two-year or four-year college. Provide your College’s Financial Aid office address in the scholarship application. Your student identification number should also be in your application. Students must hold a GPA of 3.0 minimum. Applications must be completed by 30 June. Eligibility requirements and scholarship awards are subject to change. If you’re looking for a law firm with lawyers that focus all their attention on their clients, why not try Sterling Law Offices, S.C? "

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