Chicago Stamp Auctions

Chicago Online Stamp Auctions Rasdale’s Online Auction, Chicago Technology continues to evolve and change, and Rasdale Stamp Company is determined to help collectors develop as well. Rasdale allows collectors and investors worldwide by having Chicago Online Stamp Auctions with the same authenticated stamp availability that is on its gallery floor. Rasdale Stamp Company allows online bidding real-time through a live stream. Stamp identities and values appear online before the actual auction takes place. Bids can now be made worldwide with an online bidding process. Rasdale online auctions hold rare stamps for dealers to buy with a fair bidding competition that is enjoyable as well as competitive. Online Bidding Registration must be 72 hours in advance to be able to bid in an upcoming auction, and items are available to view in advance. As the sale takes place in the gallery, online viewers, as well as people inside the gallery, will be able to offer and compete for various collectibles. Rasdale Stamp Company uses this process to open doors for collectors all around the world. Rasdale uses the same expertise and research, whether sales are made through an online bid or in person. Pictures and posts on the Rasdale website are actual pictures of the product available. Those accurate pictures give the bidder the view as if inside the real gallery. Rasdale Experience Rasdale has been family owned and operated for over 80 years. This knowledge and experience continue to make the best collections and antiques available for sale. Rasdale experts authenticate and value each piece to assure each buyer of their purchase. Past auctions and appraisals are also available to view to get a sense of the offerings available. The same quality and easiness that has become part of Rasdale's reputation continue with online auctions. Collectors can continually trust Rasdale to offer equal unique pieces, whether in person or online.

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