Geonetta & Frucht, LLP - Employment Law Attorneys

Our employment law lawyers are committed to providing outstanding legal services to our clients. We’ve stood by this commitment through decades that have seen significant changes in the law and the way it’s practiced. We work alongside our clients, explaining how the law affects their case and keeping them fully informed as their claim advances through the system. We represent those injured by the wrongful actions of a governmental body, agency, or employee, including police misconduct claims and discrimination claims. Our employment attorneys will safeguard the rights of businesses – both small and large – and business owners who have been wronged by breaches of contract, violations of trade secrets, unfair competition, and fraud or misrepresentation. We also fight on behalf of businesses that have been victimized by the misappropriation or theft of trade secrets or the disclosure of protected information. We routinely represent employees in workplace-related disputes, including cases involving allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination or harassment, and wage-and-hour violations.

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