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"What to Look for in Dog Boarding Services As a dog owner, your dog is more than a pet, it is family. Finding someone who is going to take care of them as you do is essential. This means finding dog boarding in Orange County that is reputable, reliable, and compassionate. This is easier said than done and it does take some consideration and research to find out which to go with. Here are some considerations to make when looking into dog boarding in Laguna and surrounding areas. The Facility Taking a tour of the facility is important. Knowing where your dog will be playing, sleeping, spending time, and what they will have access to provides a better idea of the service you’re paying for. The facility should be clean, have enough space for all of the animals it boards or sees daily. It should also provide adequate areas for play and to use the bathroom. The kennel that your dog sleeps in should be spacious and comfortable. Many kennels will also have an exit to the outdoors for bathroom breaks with doors that can lock. Many pet owners choose to bring their pet’s favorite blanket and toys with them while boarding to keep them comfortable. The facility should allow this. The Staff Those who work at the facility are just as important as the facility itself. Meeting those who will have regular contact with your pup is essential. You want to know their qualifications and their experience handling dogs. These individuals should have been hired for their caring, compassionate disposition but also their background and experience with pets. The Price How much you spend on the boarding and daycare services may also matter. However, it is important to know that a high price does not always mean a high quality of care, just as a slow price doesn’t mean the service will be bad. Finding a happy medium that is affordable, yet meets the criteria above is important. Other Features of the Facility Does the facility have doggy webcams set up that allows you to check in on them while you are away? This service may or may not be necessary. Some centers will provide updates as needed if requested. Another feature may be that they have a licensed veterinarian who can come out and provide services should there be an accident that happens. Knowing if they can provide your pet with their medication, should they need it, or any other special services are also important. Orange County is full of people, dogs, and services; dog boarding in Irvine is no exception. Take care of your pup with the best company in the area. Dog daycare is just as important. If you’re in need of daycare, as well then consider these things before choosing which daycare to sign up with. Take the time to speak with those at the daycare and dog boarding in Orange County facility. Once you do this, you will feel more confident and comfortable leaving your dog in their care. Get a positive experience with the right dog boarding and care services right around your corner. Smart Parke 24334 El Toro Road Laguna Woods, CA 92653 (949) 330-2288 "

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