Apex Bail Bonds of Martinsville, VA

"Apex Bail Bonds of Martinsville, VA is an affordable bail bondsman and bail bonds service in Martinsville and Henry County, VA. Apex Bail Bonds is 1 mile from the Henry County Jail and Henry County Courthouse. Our convenient location allows our affordable Martinsville bail bondsmen to provide the fastest bail bonds service and most affordable bonds possible. Apex Bail Bonds has the only bail bondsman licensed in both Virginia and North Carolina. Whether you’ve been arrested in Bassett, VA or Eden, NC, our professionalism and responsiveness will speak for itself once you give our bondsman near you a call. Apex Bail Bonds is known for bail bondsmen that take payments, affordable bail bond financing plans, and the A1 bonding service we provide. Apex Bail Bonds of Martinsville serves Martinsville and Henry County including Bassett, Collinsville, Fieldale, Spencer, Horse Pasture, Ridgeway, and Axton, VA. Apex Bail Bonds serves Eden, NC and Stuart, VA as well. Just ask our agent for the closest bondsman near you that is open now, whether in Henry County or any jail near you. Apex Bail Bonds posts out-of-state bonds, fugitive bonds, transfer bonds, surety bonds, property bonds (with or without), and extradition bonds too. By choosing Apex, you are choosing a bail bonds service trusted by the jails, lawyers, and community at large. Our experienced and professional bail bondsmen take payments and offer affordable financing with customized payment plans for bail bonds of all amounts. Apex Bail Bonds of Martinsville is one of the largest bail companies in the region with offices in surrounding counties such as Patrick County, VA, Franklin County, VA, and Rockingham County, NC. Looking for your one-stop-shop for bail bonds services the rest of your life? Apex Bail Bonds carries the distinction of having the only bail bondsman licensed in VA and NC. That means once you call us, you’ll never need another bail bonds service again! Owner and President of Apex Bail Bonds, Fred Shanks, IV has been recognized as a bail industry expert by a body of peers after posting a record setting $1 Million Dollar Bond in 2020. Since then, Apex Bail Bonds has specialized in posting difficult bonds such as out-of-state bonds, large bonds, fugitive bonds, six-figure and seven-figure bonds, and bonds that many consider too difficult to post. Our veteran bail bondsmen have over 20 years of experience combined and have seen every situation there is. Call Apex Bail Bonds of Martinsville, VA to get an expert bail bondsman near you with affordable payment plans, bail bond financing, and professional service from our responsive staff."

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