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Estimating the cost of adding traditional wood or vinyl flooring can be a shock to any budget-conscious property owner. Tack on costs of new countertops and the value of concrete becomes more apparent. Decorative concrete provides an advantage where you can take an existing area of concrete and transform it into an affordable new look and feel for your property. Concrete also allows for flexibility in design for replacement or additional fixtures such as countertops. Part of the cost advantage for decorative concrete is that for most projects you’re using already existing material. Transforming a driveway, patio, or pool deck into an attractive accent requires a creative design and the proper decorative concrete techniques. Even when adding or replacing existing surfaces, such as countertops, the cost of concrete is far less than expensive upgrades such as granite or marble. Professional decorative concrete design easily matches the upscale look and feel of stylish materials. Reach us at 1(512)814-0793

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