Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc.

Recycling Services for Scrap Metal Metal is of high value and comes with the advantage of being recyclable multiple times without its properties being degraded. Scrap metal happens to have a higher value which is the primary motivation for most people to collect and recycle it. In addition to the financial incentive, the environmental factor also plays a crucial role. Recycling scrap metals allows us to preserve limited natural resources and use less energy to manufacture new products from unprocessed metal resources. When it comes to Chicago scrap metal, the name Greenway Metal Recycling is a company you should keep in mind. Why Go For Greenway? Greenway Metal Recycling is a prominent name in the Chicago scrap metal recycling industry. We are not only an industrial Chicago scrap metal yard. We also provide comprehensive transportation, relevant equipment, and processing of the scrap metal recycling process. Greenway Metal Recycling is currently owned by Joe Skowronski, and the company has been in business for over 50 years. Needless to say, we come with significant experience in the field. It is no surprise that the customers from Chicago have put their faith in Greenway Metal Recycling and have found additional value in its commitment towards the Chicago area communities. We believe that community support and involvement are imperative, and Greenway Metal Recycling has committed to partner with several local events and programs in the Chicago area. Some of the organizations Greenway Metal Recycling is associated with are Make a Wish, St. Jude Children Research Hospital, and St. Baldricks Foundation. Greenway Metal Recycling has successfully turned 100% of scrap metals into new products for yours now, and we buy Chicago non-ferrous metal scrap as well as ferrous scrap from anyone for a fair price. The proficient staff behind Greenway Metal Recycling ensures that every customer walking into the premises walks out with the best value for the scrap metal. As it might be oversimplifying to put all the services of Greenway Metal Recycling on the blanket term of ""scrap recycling"", let us go through some of the services provided by our company. Services Provided by Greenway Metal Recycling Scrap Metal Audit: Greenway Metal Recycling’s free metal audit team will come in and review your industrial recycling processes and will provide valuable insights to improve efficiency and profitability. This includes looking into the materials you are recycling and how you can best optimize your returns. Ferrous Metal Recycling: Ferrous metals are one of the most commonly recycled metals as they are magnetic and might comprise materials like stainless steel, heavy melt, turnings, etc. While they are most subjected to rust and corrode, they can still be recycled. Non-ferrous Metal Recycling: These are metals that can be recycled repeatedly and are not magnetic. The list of non-ferrous metals includes copper, aluminum, nickel alloys, among others. Scrap Metal Brokerage: Having over 50 years of experience and being well-connected in the market, Greenway Metal Recycling comes with decades worth of experience as one of the prominent scrap metal brokers in Illinois. Nurturing decade-long relationships with foundries and mills, Greenway Metal Recycling ensures that you get the best value for your scrap metal while making the process simple and stress-free for you. Scrap Metal Pick-up Service: Greenway Metal Recycling also offers scrap metal pickup services along with access to removal equipment. One can also request Certificates of Destruction after the job is done.

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