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"Ways To Take Proper Care Of Your Window Shutters Aside from protecting your home from several external factors, window shutters also help to enhance their look and secure them against external forces. But in order to ensure the durability of these useful products, it is often required that their users take proper care of them. Here are some of the ways they can do so: Dusting Individuals who want their window shutters to last longer and maintain their color should endeavor to dust it regularly or employ someone to do it for them. All this process requires is making the window shutters as flat as possible and wiping dust away from each plate with a clean cotton or microfiber cloths. While doing so, it’s best to start from the top to the bottom. No part of the window shutters should be left untouched, so they don’t affect others. Wiping This method of cleaning a window shutter is similar to that which was given above. The only difference is that it requires one to wet the cloth that is to be used in cleaning the window shutters. When applied regularly, it helps to get rid of dirt buildup within their hinges and louvers. It is also very economical. Oiling Oiling is also one of the best ways window shutters can be cared for. It involves the application of household lubricant on the hinges of exterior shutters at a specific period of time. When window shutters start getting old, they tend to be stiff and squeaky, but oiling helps in fixing them easily. Cleaning With Stain Removal When stains start appearing on your beloved window shutters, there's no need for panicking. All you need to do is get the appropriate cleaning agents for it on your next visit to the supermarket for household shopping. When you return home, use it as instructed, and you’ll definitely get the result you want! Spraying This method of maintaining window shutters is most suitable for those made with wooden materials. It’s not advisable to clean them with wet clothes, because water can make them warped or discolored. All this method entails spraying some furniture polish or lemon oil in a duster and using it to clean the shutters. Operating it With Care If you want your window shutters to remain stable, you also have to be mindful of the way you operate it. The best way to open and close shutters with a visible tilt rod is to grasp one of the louvers in the middle and tilt it to control others as well. Opening this kind of shutter from the end and mindful of their slats is dangerous because it will eventually weaken the operation mechanism. Using the maintenance methods explained above will no doubt make your window shutters keep performing their functions effectively. If any manual was attached to it when you purchased it, you should also endeavor to read it. When doing so, be on the lookout for safety precautions to take when using the product so you don’t indulge in any activity that will lead to its detriment. "

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