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Landscaping Features That Increase Your Home Value As a homeowner, it is healthy to continue to seek new ways to boost the value, appearance, and appeal of your home. One of the cheapest ways to get this done is through Tulsa landscaping. Landscaping offers you a creative advantage as you can choose the design that best suits your needs. If you have ever considered boosting your home’s value without breaking the bank, below are some recommended landscaping features to consider. A Well-Maintained Lawn The exterior part of your home is one of the first places that guests and visitors see. This area of your home can help them to form an impression of what to expect. Having a bushy lawn with brown spots decreases the appeal of your home. However, a well-maintained lawn with a flush of green plants and shrubs offers a boost to your home. If you are planning on selling your home, investing in a landscape design Tulsa offers you as high as 352 percent returns on investment. Shrub and Trees Trees are an exception to the law of purchase and diminished value. When you plant a tree on your property, you can expect to take advantage of the benefits for years to come. Having a tree on your property significantly improves its value by as high as 15 percent. To reap the advantages of trees on your property for years to come, you need to plant them early. Planting trees at the seedling stage is far less costly and stress-free compared to planting a matured tree on your property. Landscaped Pathway Your outdoor living Tulsa design should be both aesthetic and functional. Landscaped pathways are aesthetic and functional as they not only add to the beauty of your property but also serve as a direction guide for guests coming into your property. Having fancy plants on either side of your home’s pathway help to create a brilliant first impression. If you are planning on selling your home, this may be the first thing potential buyer see and fall in love with. Lighting When done right, lighting can improve the appearance and value of your home. In addition to this, proper lighting also adds to the security of your property. Outdoor lights can be installed on a budget but offer immense returns. Speak to your local landscaping contractor on the selection of LED lights to add to your property. If you are looking to save costs on energy bills, you can explore the option of solar-powered LED lights. Decks and Outdoor Kitchens If you have a lot of vacant spaces on your property, especially in the backyard, outdoor kitchens and decks may be an awesome addition to your home. Not only do these improve the appearance of your home but it also boosts the quality of your outdoor living experience. With outdoor kitchens, you can easily host family and friends without having to worry about cramping them all in your in-house kitchen. Automated Irrigation System A lot of water is required to maintain a healthy lawn. In most cases, watering your lawn may not be something you can make time for daily. Having an automated irrigation system saves you stress. The programmed irrigation system comes on and shuts off at appointed times. It also helps to save water, utility, and lawn care Tulsa costs.

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