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"What to Look For in a Shipping Company For Your Printing Business When running a Print Shop business, you’ll want to minimize the points of failure. Did you know that shipping costs are one of the main reasons for cart abandonment for a lot of people shopping online? Research has shown that 44% of buyers don’t go ahead with the purchase because of the cost of getting the product to them. For a lot of online shoppers, shipping is usually a sign of the quality service that they’ll be getting. As an online retailer, it is imperative that you’re providing a seamless shipping experience for your customers and it all starts by getting the right provider. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a shipping company. Where You’re Shipping It might sound like an obvious requirement but you need to make sure that the shipping provider that you intend to work with has the capacity to handle all your routes. The majority of stores will only focus on the local market but you could be targeting a bigger audience. If you’re intending to ship internationally, you might have to look for a Courier Service that can handle all the logistics involved. Your Products Not every shipping company will be able to handle your goods. This is particularly true if you’re dealing with delicate products that require special handling. You could also be dealing with flammable or hazardous products. It is crucial that you’re finding a courier that can safely ship such products. The amount you pay for a Banner Shop will be different from that of a perfume shop. The kind of product that you deal with will not only determine that shipping company but also the costs that you’re likely to incur. Tracking Tracking is a necessary requirement for a shop that sells online. Customers will have peace of mind knowing that they can track their goods at any given time once they’ve made the purchase. Before making the commitment to working with a shipping company, make sure that they provide tracking services. Flat Rate Shipping Even though it might not be possible to offer free shipping, you can offer a flat rate instead. Customers don’t have to worry about the weight of the product. This will also depend on the nature of the product that you’re selling. The average cost of shopping will also need to be taken into consideration when coming up with such an offering. The good thing is that it will resonate with a lot of customers that will be buying from you on a regular basis. Free Shipping You’ve probably seen some shops offering free shipping and wondering how it is possible. In such instances, the shipping charges will be bundled up with the cost of the product. Free shipping is very attractive and could be the trigger for a purchase, especially when the product is reasonably priced. You’ll just need to figure out how you’ll work out the logistics with the shipping company from the backend. "

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