HRT in Colorado Springs

Hormone Replacement Therapy Bioidentical hormone replacement therapies, also called bioidentical hormones or natural hormones replacement treatment, is the utilization of similar hormones on a molecular-level in the same manner as naturally occurring hormones within the body. This process of replacement therapy has allowed for an increase in the quality of life and longevity for individuals who suffer from a variety of ailments, from cancer and diabetes to arthritis, depression, obesity, and multiple sclerosis. However, this type of hormone therapy must be prescribed by a physician, since some side effects may occur as a result of these synthetic hormones. While many of the same synthetic hormones which are used to produce replacement therapies have been approved by the FDA for use in the US, they are not approved for use in Europe. This is due to the fact that Europe does not regulate these drugs at the same standards as the FDA. These FDA approved drugs do not work the same way in animals and men as they do in women. For this reason, these types of products are generally ineffective in treating hormone deficiency in both men and women, which are the primary reason these types of medications are often referred to as a "feminine" hormone replacement treatment. Most prescription hormones available over the counter medications contain synthetic estrogen, and while these medications can provide a small boost in hormone production, these products will not give the same boost in natural production which is needed for the best results. Bioidentical hormones replacement therapies which include Cyproterone Cream, Aromasin, and Estrogen Replacement Therapy offer an alternative to many women who seek a more affordable method of hormone replacement for themselves. These treatments are very safe to take, and while they do not require a prescription, the consumer should be aware of any possible side effects that could occur due to these different synthetic hormones. For most people, taking a little bit of a synthetic hormone to help them cope with a hormonal imbalance is not such a bad idea, and for those who want the best quality of life possible, this form of hormone replacement could be a much better alternative than trying out a variety of other methods of treatment, without knowing what the potential side effects are going to be.

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