Veteran Garage Door Repair

Veteran Garage Door Repair is a garage door service company located in Denton TX and specialized in garage door repair service and installation. If you are considering replacing your garage door, you have many design options. We can offer you a large variety of doors you can customize to match your style. Garage doors provide a large return on your investment and can improve the drive up appeal of your home. Choose an insulated door and get the added benefit of another layer of energy efficiency to your home. Schedule an appointment with one of our trained technicians to show you the options available for a new customized garage door as well as repairing your existing garage door or automatic opener. Veteran Garage Door Repair is also specialize in garage door spring replacement. A broken garage door spring is a major inconvenience, but is very common in the garage door industry. Garage door springs are not one size fits all, and weighing the garage door is an important step in spring replacement. We weigh every garage door and calculated the proper spring(s) for your garage door so that the garage door is perfectly balanced. A balanced garage door will improve the life and function of the garage door system. Warranty for garage door springs is based on the number of life cycles the spring is rated for. Our trained technicians are ready to serve you and we never charge a trip/drive up fee. In addition VGD can repair garage door off track. A garage door going off track or hanging sideways looks really bad, and is pretty common in the industry. Most of the time these situations can be fixed without replacing the entire garage door. It usually requires replacing some parts like end bearings and rollers that can be damaged when the door goes off track. In some instances the tracks may need to be replaced and/or a support strut mat be needed, but these parts will be less expensive than replacing the entire garage door. To help prevent door off track situations, keep the area around the tracks clear of obstructions. Yearly maintenance and tune up will also help prevent door off track situations.

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