St Marys Reo Mesh

St Marys Reo Mesh St Marys reo mesh projects are better left to the professionals. A poor reo mesh job can mean a lack of support for any construction job. The trained and skilled technicians at Reozone understand the importance of the proper use of reo mesh when completing a product. From scheduling and estimating to completion, quality St Marys reo mesh manufacturers and suppliers possess the level of expertise required to be the best. Mesh types and patterns we provide include: Square Mesh Rectangular Mesh Ute Mesh Trench Mesh Square Mesh Square reo mesh is a commonly used and general purpose pattern. We use this type of St Marys reo mesh on numerous projects ensuring their stability and quality. Square reo mesh can be used to construct everything from driveways and slab floors to interior/exterior walls. Rectangular Mesh Almost as commonly used, rectangular reo mesh is a preferred type and pattern when extra strength and durability are required. Reozone uses this quality product in many of our industrial and warehouse projects. Ute Mesh Ute or utility mesh is an extremely useful product in the reo mesh industry. Specifically designed for utility truck transporting, ute mesh is often the perfect fit for several of our construction projects. Each sheet is cut so that one of our trained and skilled technicians can carry it without a hassle. Ute mesh comes conveniently cut for use in smaller, tighter spaces. Its uses include footpaths, driveways, precast panels and pavement. As a general guide, approximately 8 Bar Chairs are required per standard sheet of ute mesh. Trench Mesh Trench mesh has been our go-to product for years when it comes to constructing and fortifying residential footing trenches and concrete beams. It can be the perfect use and fit for projects involving narrow or slim areas. Call us today or send an email to schedule a free quote.

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