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"Four Tips To Help You Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane Season Hurricanes can be scary and cause many destructions, even on valuable assets. To avoid these misfortunes, you will need to be well prepared before the hurricane season sets in. Your roof is one of the parts that are likely to be profoundly affected by a hurricane. The strong winds of the seasons can detach the roof from the house and cause other misfortunes. The best option is to be proactive and take the necessary precautions to protect your roof before the season begins. Here are some of the preparations that you can make on your roof as advised by a roofing contractor to keep the roof safe throughout the season. Schedule A Roof Inspection The strong winds during the hurricane are likely to carry away a roof that is not strong enough to handle the condition. For this reason, before the season starts, get in touch with a reliable roofer and inspect it. Here, they will look at parts such as the membrane to ensure no punctures or holes, among other effects of aging. They will also make all necessary repairs on the roof and double-check its integrity to determine whether the roof can stand the extreme weather conditions. You should avoid inspecting on your own since you may miss serious details that may later be disastrous. Clean The Drainage System And Gutters During the hurricane, there are heavy rains that are likely to cause damage. Therefore, as a responsible homeowner, you need to make sure that the roof draining system and the gutters are ready to drain the water. Get rid of debris and other items that may prevent a smooth flow of water in the event of a storm. You could get a professional to do it for you so that they can get rid of anything that may prevent the water from flowing. This way, you not only take care of the roof but also prevent the water from leaking in the house. Trim Surrounding Trees Surrounding trees can be a significant problem for your roof during a hurricane. The extreme weather conditions may cause branches or even trees to fall off. If the tree is close to your house, then it will fall on the roof. The tree branches can cause holes or other damages on the roof, and if they are too heavy, damage the whole roof structure integrity. Therefore, eliminate all weak branches near the house before the hurricane as they are potential dangers to the roof and the house at large. Install Hurricane Straps If you have a right roofing contractor, they will advise you to consider getting a hurricane strap. That is a necessity, especially if you are living in areas prone to hurricanes and storms. That helps give additional strength to your roof in the event of strong winds. Therefore, when you have hurricane straps installed, you are assured that your roof will not be affected regardless of the strength of the hurricane. Additionally, you are likely to have premium insurance from your roofing insurance company if you have these installed. The hurricane seasons can have tremendous damage on your roof that may need you to replace it. As a homeowner, take the necessary measures like getting a siding contractor to ensure that your roof withstands the severe conditions. Above are tips to help you maintain your roof throughout the hurricane season. "

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