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The way you keep your home and your outdoor space speak a lot about you. Also, a classy outdoor space would describe your taste as well. With a full range of landscape and hardscape construction services, Kalagan Outdoor Design can provide a makeover to your patio stones, fences, and irrigation installation in Vernon. We offer residential or commercial landscape maintenance packages ranging from lawn cutting to power raking, quarterly fertilization, weed control, top dressing, overseeding, and irrigation winterization in Vernon. We also provide property maintenance services to large corporate environments, city parks, shopping malls, and apartments. Our professional landscape design consultation services will help you to whip your yard into shape in no time. Why AreIrrigation Services Necessary For Your Outdoor Space? Nobody likes their lawn to be dull and devoid of greenery. Watering your lawn is vital to maintain its sumptuousness and beauty. The irrigation blowouts in Vernon are carefully designed with a sprinkler system to ensure maximum coverage. The experts at Kalagan Outdoor Design will help you install a new underground sprinkler system to maintain your lawn, or if you want to replace the sprinkler head in your current system, they can also do that for you. Our irrigation specialists also provide irrigation repair in Vernon. At the beginning of spring, we replace and repair any sprinkler heads and clean and adjust them. This would lead to the best coverage of your lawn without wasting water and saving plants from drying out. As a part of our monthly ritual, we check whether all the components are continuing to function as they were supposed to be and make adjustments to the watering systems as required. To take a look at our services, you can visit our website: https://kalaganoutdoordesign.com. You can also call us on 250-306-9449 or pay a visit at Kalagan Outdoor Design, 2205 38th St. Vernon, BC. V1T 6Y8

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