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Landscaping Features that may Hurt your Home’s Value Landscaping New Orleans offers a lot of potentials. Homeowners have found that investing in landscaping features is one of the cheapest ways to boost the appearance, appeal, and value of their homes. A recent study revealed that when done right, landscaping can offer as much as a 300 percent return on investment on a property. However, while there are landscaping features that offer a boost to the value of your home, there are some others that may take away from it. Below are some of the landscaping features to avoid. Artificial Grass Many people choose artificial grass for their homes to save cost. With artificial grass, you can eliminate the need to mow your lawn as well as the cost of energy and water. Artificial lawns require little to no maintenance and are perfect for busy people who wish to keep their space looking green and attractive. However, it can be a bad choice for people with kids or pets. Once damaged, you may be looking at a significantly high price to replace the affected area per square foot. A study found that the presence of an artificial lawn can reduce a property’s desirability by as high as 5 percent. Outdoor Water Features In the past, your outdoor living New Orleans is incomplete without a water feature. However, in modern times where you have to consider utility bills, it appears counterproductive. Installing water features on your home can cost anywhere between hundreds to thousands of dollars, however, this cost may not be recouped during the sale of the property because the buyer may be looking to demolish the water feature to give way for other landscaping ideas. You could easily lose as much as $10,000 in the sale value of your home from installing water features. In addition, water features are often an open invitation to flying pests like bees, butterflies, and birds. Unkempt Garden Having a garden is a great addition to your home. Combining your garden with decorative concrete New Orleans does a lot more to boost the value of your property. However, an unkempt garden is an unwelcome sight. An unkempt garden makes the property look rough and uninviting. A potential buyer looks at this garden and thinks of what it’ll cost them to restore it. To save themselves of extra cost, the potential buyer may look to deduct the cost of labor and landscaping services from the offered amount thus causing you to lose more money in value. Broken Fence Panel, Cracked Walls Fences are good for demarcating your land. It also helps to keep your kids and pets on your property. However, when your fence isn’t well maintained or when it is damaged, a potential buyer sees an avenue to incur losses and aims to cushion this by offering a lower amount to you. Adding fences to your home is great only if you are committed to making sure that it is well-maintained. To ensure that you continue to enjoy the value-advantage of landscaping features, working with a professional landscaping contractor is recommended.

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