Action Solar Installation of San Diego

"Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Solar Panel In recent years there has been a growing awareness with regards to environmental degradation. As a result of this, people are adopting more eco-friendly ways of energy consumption. A solar panel is one such cost-effective solution that contributes to a cleaner environment. This is the main reason why a large number of the population is opting for solar installation san diego. While it is an ecologically sustainable and monetarily profitable move to use solar-powered energy, it is important that you buy the right kind of solar panel to enjoy maximum benefits. Here are a few factors that you should consider before buying a solar panel: Degradation Level: The Degradation level stands for the quality retention ability of a solar panel. There is no point in buying a solar panel that does not serve you after a few years. You should buy a solar panel that has a degradation level of at least 0.25 percent. Having the degradation level as low as 0.25 percent means even after 25 years, the solar panel will produce 92 percent of what it was producing on the first day. Service Quality Of The Seller/Installer: You should always rely on a professional solar panel company san diego to buy a good quality solar panel. Make sure that the company sells high-quality solar panels that are backed with a warranty. You should check out reviews and references to see if the seller has a good reputation. In case if you are ordering a large panel, then look for previous client references to be assured about the service. Efficiency: Efficiency is another important aspect that you must consider before buying a solar panel. In fact, this should be the first thing that you should ask a seller. On average, the efficiency of solar power san diego ranges between 15 percent to 20 percent. In some cases, industrial-grade solar panels also have an efficiency of 40 percent. You should not get a panel that has less than a 12 percent efficiency rate. A solar panel should last for at least five years, so look for the products that are backed with a warranty. Size And Power: Today, the market has a variety of sizes and watts of solar panels available. The size and watt power is selected on the basis of the purpose or usage. Solar panels used for home use or office are usually available in two sizes. The first one has 60 cells. This one has a power of 300 watts and usually has a size of three feet by five feet. The second one has 72 cells, and it gives power up to 400 watts. Its size is four feet by six feet. But wisely! If you do not take these factors into consideration, then you might end up with a substandard solar san diego panel. As a result, instead of contributing to environmental protection, you will end up losing money and harming the environment. Not all solar panels are alike, and hence it is necessary that you make an informed choice while purchasing solar panels. "

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