Entermission Sydney - Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Looking for a uniquely fun family activity or birthday party? Then check out Virtual Reality Rooms in Sydney’s CBD for a highly interactive and fun family experience or birthday celebration. What is it? Virtual Reality Rooms is Sydney’s only virtual reality escape rooms. See, hear and interact with each other in a thrilling adventure. As a Super Team be teleported onto Eden Space Station with a mission to save Earth in 60 minutes. Fly through outer space, do things you never thought possible, have a laugh chasing each other and hi-fiving in virtual reality, find clues, get thinking to solve puzzles, be amazed by how real it feels and have most of all have FUN! After the adventure, enjoy complimentary refreshments in the spacious lounge, put on space glasses and take photos against the interactive 3D photo walls. This is a novel experience for the whole family to enjoy or if you’re looking for the best birthday party venue where you don’t have to do anything and everyone has a blast. Birthday Parties Book your next party at Virtual Reality Rooms….sure to be the BEST BIRTHDAY ever. Special 2.5 hours birthday party package fun includes: Virtual reality escape room adventure (up to 60 minutes) Extra virtual reality arcade time Birthday ice cream cake Chips, lollies, chocolates and drinks Interactive 3D photo walls

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