TruHome Pros

TruHome Pros is a Solar Panel installation company that offers affordable clean energy to residential and commercial consumers. Solar panel installations across the U.S. are on the rise as theirs never been a better time to look at going solar. Smart homeowners who shop with us are able to qualify for tax credits and rebates which allow homeowners to go solar with as little as $0 down and get a fixed power bill. We also work within utility grids where net metering is allowed to ensure homes and businesses can save with solar year-round regardless of the weather. Concerned about needing a new roof before going solar? No Problem! As your home improvement experts, we can also consult with you about getting a new roof, and in select markets, we can even get you some additional rebates to the front part of the bill so you save money. Call us today for a free estimate and discover the facts behind your home's solar potential.

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