Carpet Cleaning Rochester NY

Need a professioan carpet cleaning service in Rochester NY? Give the pros at Pinnacle Eco Clean a call! When you have a carpeted home, a large amount of the dirt gets trapped in the fibers of the carpet. Like a giant air filter, this dirt along with other allergens become trapped deep withing the carpeting and are unable to be removed with regular vaccuming. Getting both your carpet and furniture cleaned is very important for you and your family. When you don’t clean your carpet on a regular basis, tiny soil particles become attatched and change the appearance of your carpet. These dirt particles are known to cause allergic reactions and affect the air quality of your home. Leaving your carpet and furniture unmaintained can cause sickness and suffering in those who use the them. Carpet manufacturers suggest getting your carpeting professionally cleaned at least once a year. Pinnacle Eco Clean has been cleaning carpets and furniture in the Rochester NY area for over 30 years, so you know you can trust this reliable brand. Our carpet and upholstery experts are ready and more than willing to assist you in your cleaning needs. Our number one goal is to do the best we can to provide you with the exceptional service that you deserve for affordable prices. We know how important the appearance of your home is to you, so help us help you in order to attain vibrant and beautiful carpets and furniture. Give us a call today! Pinnacle Eco Clean 215 Mushroom Boulevard #1803 Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 272-7847

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