What Is Dermaplaning And Why Should You Have It? A cosmetic procedure to remove the top skin layer that goes a long way in removing fine wrinkles and deep acne scars is known as dermaplaning. It is considered to be a safe method to make your skin’s surface look and feel smooth, especially when performed by certified dermatologists and skin specialists. Apart from dermatologists, there are many nail salons Tucson that offers this special skin treatment and make your skin glow. Dermaplaning is also considered to be one of the trendiest hair removal techniques of modern times. It uses an exfoliating blade or a scalpel to skim dead skin cells to remove the deep scars and uneven pockmarks on the skin. For people who want to make their skin more youthful, smooth, and bright, dermaplaning has been the go-to skin therapy for quite some years now. Here is why you should opt for dermaplaning: It is a painless skin treatment that exfoliates the stratum corneum and replenishes cellular turnover without any downtime. Dermaplaning can be performed before other facial treatments like chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, or facials. Considered to be a safe skin treatment for pregnant women and people with sensitive skin, this deep exfoliation skin treatment is a great option for people looking for flexibility. For people struggling with uneven skin or social media makeup influencers who need to have smooth skin for applying makeup, this treatment can be the ultimate answer. It is also beneficial for people struggling with postinflammatory scars with a history of bad acne. Just like manicures and pedicures, dermaplaning can be performed frequently. It also reduces or eliminates hair growth. Dermaplaning vs. Microdermabrasion Dermaplaning and microdermabrasion share the same goal- to smoothen the skin and make it glow. Both these skin treatments use exfoliation techniques to remove unevenness and clear dark scars and marks from the skin, that might be the result of some injury or past history of acne. While dermaplaning uses a scalpel or an edgy instrument to remove the dead skin cells, microdermabrasion uses a special applicator with a rough exterior to “sand down” the thick outer layer of the skin. Both the skin treatment techniques are treated as part of a day spa, which many people opt for instead of regular facials. It is highly advisable to speak to your dermatologist or skin specialist before opting for either of these skin treatments. How dermaplaning works? Dermaplaning uses the same concept of shaving as a regular razor does. However, the sterilized scalpel or knife at a 45-degree angle is dragged across the surface of the skin to eliminate the dead cells, scar tissues, and other debris that results in the unevenness of the skin. Since our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, toxins, and irritants, it can result in dullness or wrinkles. The process of dermaplaning aims to remove these dead skin cells so that new skin cells can form on the skin, and the result is a rejuvenated skin and young-looking skin. Once the treatment is done, the dermatologist may apply aloe or sunscreen to protect the delicate texture of the skin.

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