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Houston Concrete Contractors provides professional concrete construction and design services for businesses, homeowners, and the industrial sector in and around Houston, Texas. Our Team, built of experienced concrete contractors, strives to provide the best quality concrete product every time. We know that we are only as good as our reputation, this keeps us honest and looking to supersede expectations. Everywhere you look there are concrete parking lots. However, have you ever thought about how long they’ve been there and/or how long it took to put them in? Thanks to concrete contractors in Houston, Texas, you will have many clean parking lots to park in while you shop for the next best thing. Concrete contractors specialize in professional paving services that make life easier for you and your car. The unsurpassed quality, strength and durability of concrete make it an excellent choice for parking lot construction. The ideal strengths of concrete structures do not just lie in its weight lifting ability, it also includes the minimal amount of maintenance required over the period its life cycle. The saving from the occasional joint sealing and cleaning are a benefit that will continue to save year after year. There has been a long debate between business owners and developers, over rather to use asphalt or concrete for their parking lot pavement. Many agree that if the upfront cost is afforded, then concrete is the definite winner. New ACI 300 standard reduces the material cost associated in new parking lots. Other important considerations are the selectivity and long-life surface integrity.

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