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Divorce Attorney in Scottsdale, AZ For Arizona residents dealing with personal issues such as divorce, involving an experienced family law attorney is usually the best way of handling the situation. If you and your partner have irreconcilable differences and are thinking of divorcing, it’s important to consider the welfare of your child. A reputable divorce attorney in Scottsdale, AZ, can help you navigate the often-confusing family law clauses that address child support, modification, and enforcement issues. Protect Your Interests and those of the Child Most people mistakenly think that child support is the duty of the non-custodial parent. However, this is not the truth. According to Arizona family law, both parents have equal responsibility in contributing to the financial costs of raising their children. The responsibilities are often negotiated during a divorce decree, and are adopted depending on what would be the child’s best interests.At Tiffany Fina Law, we provide legal counsel to parents dealing with child support issues. Our Scottsdale family attorneys have a wealth of experience in helping people determine what the law says about their obligations in child custody cases. Our state attorneys will help you understand the state guidelines to be used in interpreting child support issues. Moreover, we can present various creative alternatives to the guidelines, when need be. We Leave No Stone Unturned in Calculating Child Support Tiffany Fina is a certified family law attorney based in Scottsdale, AZ. Ms. Fina has extensive experience in helping parents looking to pursue the collection of funds and those responsible for child support payments. At Tiffany Fina Law, we have assisted thousands of clients getting divorced in navigating the often-challenging Arizona Family Law. Our experienced attorneys and staff will completely handle any child support issues for you to ensure that you will be receiving or paying the correct amount of child support. When it comes to child support cases, experience counts. The child custody Lawyer team at Tiffany Fina Law is well experienced in all types of child support cases, including those involving high net worth parents or multi-jurisdiction disputes. We are the right team for you. How is Child Support Calculated? When we meet clients that are getting divorced, we usually provide them with an estimate of what their child support obligations are likely to be under the traditional calculations. After that, we carefully assess the situation of the clients to see whether there would be any reasons to rebut the guidelines. Here are some instances where traditional calculation guidelines may not apply: If one parent takes care of other children outside the marriage If extraordinary expenses related to extracurricular activities that the child is engaged in are likely to crop up If the child has special therapies or medical needs There are other issues that may arise during the discussion, for example, if one parent is self-employed. Our experience in researching earnings and helping spouses trying to collect from self-employed payors comes in handy in such situations. Experienced Family Law Firm at Your Service For guidance and answers to any questions related to child support custody issues, contact Tiffany Fina Law firm today. Call us at (480) 744-7442 or visit our offices at 7411 E 6th Suite 103, Scottsdale.

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