River Oaks Treatment Center

Website: https://riveroakstreatment.com/hillsborough-county-fl-drug-rehab/ Email: hello@riveroakstreatment.com Working hours: 24/7 River Oaks Treatment Center is an addiction treatment facility in Tampa, Florida, dedicated to combating substance addiction and helping patients on their road to full recovery. At our facility, all the patients receive specialized treatment programs customized according to the level of care they require. Apart from following your prescribed treatment program, we invite you to participate in other engaging therapeutic sessions and activities such as family therapy, psychotherapy, and our 12- step meetings. Patients will also get a chance to enjoy nutritious, chef-prepared meals, hotel-style single or double bedrooms, and luxury amenities. We also offer effective aftercare programs for individuals who end their stay at our facility but require further assistance in leading a substance-free life. For further questions and appointment scheduling, call us or visit our website. Let us help you take control of your life once again!

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