Davis Roofing and Restoration LLC

We are the Columbus, Ohio Roofing Company you can depend on. We know what we’re doing and we love what we do. As a homeowner, roof installment, replacement or repair can seem like an overwhelming task for both financial and convenience reasons. Davis Roofing & Restoration provides a team of experienced roofers to help ease that anxiety and make the experience a productive one, rather than painful. You can rely on us for a fair, honest assessment. Experience with Homeowner Insurance Claims Submission Importantly, if you are an insured homeowner, we will work with you throughout the claims process. We are extremely knowledgeable on the process of submission and working with insurance adjusters to identify areas of coverage. This is extremely important because we want you to receive everything to which you are entitled through you coverage. Our foremen average over 20 years of experience in the industry and oversee all projects and quality control. Our crew is committed to preserving Davis Roofing’s reputation as a company composed of thorough, quality craftsman and you should expect nothing less. We ensure that: - Your family and assets are safe and housed under a well constructed, quality roof - Your property remains undisturbed while we are working - You receive a fair price as we work with your insurance company to mitigate the costs and ensure you get your coverage While we are technicians and craftsman, we are also advisors who can guide you through the available options when it comes to installing, repairing, or replacing your roof.

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