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"Reasons To Clean Your Carpet Regularly It's advisable for people who use carpets in their homes and offices to book for professional carpet cleaning services like carpet cleaning seattle once in twelve to eighteen months. Professional carpet cleaning services help to maintain the look of carpets and keep them clean. Aside from helping to enhance the beauty of a home, carpets also serve as natural air filters. So it is important to make sure they are clean at all times. Here are some of the reasons why you should not harbor dirty carpets: Dirty Carpets Contain Germs Germs present in the materials of a carpet are much more than those on toilet seats! Although most of these germs are not harmful, a few of them, like e Coli, salmonella, and staphylococcus, causing skin infections and respiratory illness. Dirty Carpets Can Harbor Norovirus Even though you might not have heard of it before, nothing can change the fact that carpets have the capacity to harbor norovirus, which causes symptoms of stomach flu. People usually get this when they pick up food particles that fall into their carpet and consume it. One of the best ways to tackle the effects of norovirus in your home is opting for professional carpet cleaning services. Dirty Carpets Can Also Host Dust Mites As their name indicates, dust mites live well on dust. Unfortunately, dirty carpets are usually characterized by specks of dust. If you refuse to hire qualified carpet cleaners to clean your carpets when due, your home will be filled with dust mites, and their presence breeds trouble. Dust mites are mostly harmless to the body, but their feces have the capacity to cause allergic reactions to asthmatic patients or people normally sensitive to them. They love dwelling in carpets because the skin flakes found there serve as food to them. Dirty Carpets Are Associated With Molds No matter how much you try, there'll be times when you just can't stop bits of coffee or tea from spilling on your carpet. Spilled drinks or food are not good for carpets because once they sink into the carpet fibers and pad, molds will begin to appear there. As we all know, molds don't have an advantage to offer a home. In fact, mold spores have also been confirmed to be common sources of indoor allergies. Dirty Carpets Cause Weird Odors The food particles and drink spill that often comes in contact with carpets often make them smell. Of course, you can get rid of foul odors by spraying air fresheners in your home. Nevertheless, it's okay for you to lessen the burden on your air freshener by going for professional cleaning services. The cleaning agents used by professional carpet cleaners also have the capacity to give your home a nice scent. Aside from the reasons listed, there are many other factors to consider. For the best result, when it comes to keeping your carpet clean, it's best to hire a professional cleaning service. They will help you save time and energy. "

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