Ettington CFR Team | Incident Locations

This is a plot of incident postcode locations from November 2010 onwards. Prior to that, WMAS did not provide postcodes in the alerting text message. Notes: 1. Only one pin is plotted per postcode. Where multiple incidents have been attended at a given postcode (as is often the case), only one pin is shown. Therefore, the pins are not an indication of the volume of incidents attended. 2. Zooming in on the map will reveal a number under many pins. This is the number of incidents attended at the postcode denoted by that pin. If there is no number, the pin represents only one incident. 3. Clicking on a pin will reveal details of incidents attended at that location. Where multiple incidents have been attended at that postcode, only details of the first incident at that postcode are shown. 4. The colours denote whether the ECFRS CFR was deployed from within our coverage area or deployed whilst outside our coverage area (e.g. when travelling in the team vehicle outside our area or when coming across an RTC).

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