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Today's men are increasingly aware of their personal image, and how it impacts their social and personal interactions. At J.TOOR we set out to create high quality hand-made Bespoke clothing for the discerning Gentleman to ensure he always look his best, while maintaining his unique personal style. A true sartorial experience with hospitality, integrity, professionalism and creativity is what you receive when working with an award-winning J.TOOR Custom Clothier and Stylist. Customer service goes way beyond assisting shoppers; it means sharing our world, our passion and our vision on style, taste and the sartorial world. We strive to make sure you become immersed in our world the moment you walk into our shop. We take private appointments for our Bespoke clients to ensure one-on-one personal service. Each garment is literally ""Spoken"" into existence; being hand-tailored from scratch in England and cut from premium European fabrics - each designed to fit your personal style and unique physical build. Our custom offering includes suits, shirts, jackets, trousers, overcoats, knitwear, jeans and shoes. Our job is to anticipate your needs, adapt to your shopping style and inspire you to think about new possibilities in your garment designs. Shoppers quickly become friends whose relationships we proudly honor for years to come. Our garment types are typically British, ranging from a Classically Cut English Suit, to a velvet Smoking Jacket with Silk Frogging, and from a Norfolk Jacket to Full Tail Coats. Our suit styles are developed on Savile Row and are the perfect blend of classic and contemporary, ensuring the most modern look while looking timelessly elegant. For our ready-to-wear clothing and accessories; we work tirelessly to curate an offering of unique and hard to find items from around the world for our customers to enjoy, with each season bringing something new and exciting.

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