Phoenix Moving Company-Sullivan Moving & Storage

Established in 1912, Sullivan Moving & Storage is one of the oldest and most respected moving and storage companies in the southwestern United States. Sullivan Moving has operated for the past 30 years under the same ownership structure, led by its president Mark Fischer. Our moving company is a diversified transportation and storage provider, with success centered on building long-term relationships among our many customers. Consistent growth, financial stability, excellent customer service and employee retention are the key ingredients in the success formula for Sullivan Moving & Storage. In 2011 we expanded into Seattle as part of The CMS Companies with CMS Relocation and Logistics. We are a professional moving company comprised of many dedicated movers who have made their careers with Sullivan. The future of our business is 100 percent dependent on driving customer satisfaction and repeat business. Here Are Some Zero Cost Ways To Market Your Phoenix Moving Companies Phoenix A strong Phoenix Moving Phoenix moving company plan is what drives a successful Phoenix moving company. It becomes very hard for a Phoenix Moving Phoenix moving company without a Phoenix moving company plan to succeed as it is very hard to know what direction to take without Phoenix moving company goals. The following information will be of great help in your process of starting and running a moving company. Successful businesses do not experience overnight success. While you are building your Phoenix Moving company, you should display a high level of commitment and work very hard. Phoenix moving company owners should be patient as they grow their moving company and stay focused on the goal. An owner must remain totally focused on growing his or her company to stay profitable; companies are likely to fail after the owner's efforts are diminished. Customer service is a critical part of business; when it's especially good, there will be many repeat clients. Customers will easily take their Phoenix moving company elsewhere if they feel that they are not getting good service from you. When you set and stick to high standards, your customers will stick with you when you introduce new services. Your biggest competitor will always be a moving company that has excellent customer service in addition to having an excellent product line.

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