Pikesville, MD Termite Control Services

Termite Control Pikesville Are you looking for Pikesville termite control services? Our fully trained and experienced Pikesville https://ontheflypestsolutions.com/pikesville-termite-control/ termite control professionals assist homeowners in detecting existing termite infestations as well as preventing future problems. On The Fly technicians create a treatment plan based on your home’s specific needs opposed to a one size fits all approach. We take pride in being one of the leading termite control companies in Pikesville Maryland. If you are in need of a professional termite infestation treatment, we have you covered! We offer both commercial and residential services for all common household pests native to the Pikesville, MD area. Termite damage from the subterranean termite that is native to our area, is a silent and deadly destroyer. It’s important that you keep and eye for for signs of damages. https://ontheflypestsolutions.com/termite-control/ Eastern Subterranean Termite in Maryland. Eastern Subterranean Termites are a serious issue in Maryland. The average cost of termite related damages in the US equals over 5 billion dollars annually. Termites cause more damage to homes in the US than fires, floods, storms and severe winds combined. Termite colonies range from three to six million termites each. Each termite colony can make tunnels underground stretching up to 100 yards from the main colony.

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