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Reisterstown, MD Termite Control - (410) 982-5050

Termite control Reisterstown Maryland? Termite control is becoming increasingly important in the Reisterstown, Maryland area, for both homeowners and those considering purchasing a home. Termites degrade wood in a stealthy and devastating manner. Unfortunately, most traditional pre-purchase home inspectors aren't qualified to spot existing or possible termite damage. This is something that many first-time homeowners discover far too late. What Is A Termite? - Termites are wood-eating insects that can become a nuisance for homeowners. Termites come in two varieties: worker and swarmer. When a mud forage tube is destroyed or infested wood is broken open, worker termites are velvety colored and 3-4 mm long. The reproductive form of termite colony is the swarmer termite. They have a dark brown or black appearance and are around 4 mm length. Swarmers lose their wings immediately after breeding, therefore they may or may not have wings. The Eastern Subterranean Termite is a termite species that is native to Maryland. It dwells below the soil, as its name implies. Termites, like ants and bees, live in colonies and are social insects. A queen, soldiers, winged reproductives (swarmers), and workers are among the castes that make up the termite colony. Homeowners are most likely to observe flying reproductives, often known as swarmers. Many termite infestations go unnoticed because homeowners mistake termite swarmers for flying ants. What Are the Signs That Termites Have Invaded Your Home? Termites rarely emerge from the soil, mud tubes, or food sources they burrow through. Many people are unaware they have termites until they see a swarm or damage during construction. Exposed wood can be tested for termites in a simple manner. Pry into the wood with a screwdriver. Look for hollowed-out centers that have already been eaten by termites. Many homeowners witness a swarm of insects that resemble ants and proceed without question. Because termites are sometimes mistaken for ants, a closer examination of the swarm may aid in the identification of a termite infestation. 5 Termite Prevention - If you're building a house, utilize a concrete foundation and leave enough space between the wood and the soil for ventilation. Also, use a metal cover or wood sealer to any exposed wood. Maintain a dry soil in and around your home. Termites require a steady supply of moisture, and they like moist soil. They often gain access to homes through cracks and holes, so caulking those areas can help keep them out. Keep trees and plants away from the structure of the house, and if you have firewood on your land, keep it away from the structure as well. Termites will regard those things as food sources, and once they've consumed them, they'll go on to the next one.

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