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AS Aircon Servicing: Common Aircon Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid Air conditioning units are a great addition to the home or office space, especially as it allows you to regulate the indoor temperature on a hot day. Air conditioning, like most other appliances, has a lifespan and to prolong this life span, owners are expected to pay attention to aircon servicing as part of its maintenance practices. While aircon maintenance is one of the most reliable ways to prolong the appliance’s lifespan, there are certain things that should also be considered as they also play a major role in the functionality of the unit. To improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system, it is recommended that you hire an expert in aircon servicing Singapore to take a look at the unit whenever it is underperforming. At AS Aircon Servicing, we recommend using a professional. This allows you to rest assured that the parts that are used for replacing bad or defective ones are guaranteed to have been sourced from reliable manufacturers. To reduce the cost spent on aircon repair Singapore, below are some of the common mistakes that property owners make which negatively affects their air conditioning system. Not giving the air conditioning unit a break While cool air is great for comfort and the indoor space, there is a need for you to understand that running the air conditioning system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without rest will negatively affect the appliance. As a property owner who wishes to reduce the overall amount spent on aircon service Singapore, it is recommended that you allow the conditioner some time to rest in between active duty. Resting the air conditioner not only increases the chances of its longevity but also reduces the overall electricity bills you have to pay at the month’s end. Setting the thermostat wrong Another common mistake property owners make when it comes to maintaining their air conditioning system is wrongly setting of the thermostat. The thermostat controls the temperature of the air conditioning unit and most homeowners, in a bid to make the indoor space cooler may be forced to crank the thermostat for the desired indoor temperature. Wrongly setting the thermostat will put pressure on the system and over time affect its efficiency. Failing to replace the filter regularly The air filter in the air conditioning system has been designed to help you keep indoor air quality at the highest, however, most users fail to pay attention to this essential part of their air conditioning system. Failure to change clogged filters will not only put increased pressure on the air conditioning system but it will also decrease the efficiency of the system, decrease indoor air quality and predispose you to allergies. It is recommended that you clean the filters regularly and change it twice as many times if you have a pet living indoors. Not getting your aircon serviced regularly Regular servicing of the aircon can help you to prevent expensive spending on repairs and replacement. During servicing, professionals are in a better position to pick up problems at its earliest onset and attend to them. Overall, servicing your air conditioning unit is a lot cheaper compared to repairing it. Trust us at AS Aircon Servicing for all your service needs.

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