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BatchGeo maps can be private, shared with specific people, or made public for anyone to find. One of the most popular features is to embed the map within your website. No JavaScript coding is required. Your maps are hosted on BatchGeo servers but appear seamlessly in your website.

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Maps for Your Business

Any business can benefit from BatchGeo’s location data visualization. Maps can be used to explore sales leads, for example. Or add your retailers to a map and quickly add a store locator to your website. Store any business data with geographic information securely in BatchGeo and explore it visually for insights you might not find any other way.

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The best way to get a feel for BatchGeo is to try our free tool. For more advanced uses, dig deeper into the functionality behind our easy-to-use mapping tool. Learn about how we’ve optimized for mobile (including iPhone and iPad apps), how to export your map data, and more details behind our technology.